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    Watson to Cleveland

    He did initially apologize, though it's reasonable to assume that it was a term of the settlement. And over the years his story changed and "the incident in Colorado" became a trial he had to overcome, and essentially cast himself as a victim.
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    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    There's a good conversation to be had here about just how important proper hydration is, but I don't want to sidetrack things too much. I'll just say that at some point in my 30s I really started noticing the difference proper hydration makes, and in my 40s it makes a big enough difference that...
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    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    For comparison, here is the clip from The Office. For more context, Barkley had made a comment about KD not driving the bus and just being a passenger for his titles with the Warriors. KD, because he can't help himself, responded to Barkley. In response, some genius at Inside the NBA created...
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    Kyrie is hurt and we have schadenfreude

    After this year, when the Rockets get their pick, the Nets still have 5 years of either giving away their first round pick ('24 & '26) or Houston having swap rights ('23, '25, & '27). I just don't see them blowing it up when they likely don't benefit from lottery luck for 5 more years.
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    Celtics vs Nets prediction poll

    I said 5 because I figured that game 3 in Brooklyn was a gimme for them, coming in 0-2. I overestimated KD's ability to fight this Celtics D and the NBA's willingness to assign Scott Foster to that game. The neutral game 3 ref assignment was impossible to see coming.
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    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    Celtics in 5 is where I am too, and I'm surprised so many Celtics fans think this will be close series. Towards the end of the year the Celtics feasted on bad defensive teams, and Brooklyn is at the bottom of the barrel on defense. We're going to see a lot of wide open 3s against Brooklyn, and...
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    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    Let's not pretend that KD didn't have great options. San Antonio was an option that would have garnered him zero hate. Miami was an option that maybe would have got a little hate. Boston would have gotten hate, because Boston, but no one would have called his success here illegitimate...
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    The analytics of NBA coaching challenges

    This drives me nuts, because in my mind the refs calling out of bounds instead of calling a a weak foul at the end of a game is a good thing. Refs have a way to do the right thing (reward the proper team the ball) without handing out decisive points via a foul. But OOB challenges change that for...
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    Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia

    -edit- nevermind. off-topic and not worth the drama. tl:dr I find Simmons abusing the sypathy towards mental health to achieve his unrelated goal offensive.
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    Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia

    It doesn't just stop at the claim, though. Does he have a diagnosis? Has he even seen a professional about it? Is he willing to participate in therapy with the goal of overcoming his problem and getting back on the court? I suspect Simmons doesn't have any receipts, and I doubt he'd be willing...
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    Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia

    I find it odd how eagerly some people jump to believe Simmons's claim of a mental health explanation that was offered alongside a bullshit claim of back tightness. Just a tip for those of you that want to lie - keep it simple. Piling on explanations is an easily-recognizable tactic of liars. A...
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    NBA all-time 5-15

    I don't think anyone thinks of LeBron as a guard, and that's fine. Since he's the greatest SF of all-time he should probably be a SF on any all-time team. Looking back at your list, you inexplicably put Jordan at SF even though Jordan is the greatest SG of all time. Drop Kobe, put Jordan at SG...
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    Presti-digitation: What is OKC going to do?

    There was a semi-decent argument at that time that Porzingis was overrated and not worth a max contract, an argument that looks much better with he passage of time. I've always been a bit of a Porzingis hater so I liked the trade for the Knicks at the time. I'm just saying it's possible that...
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    KC should forever be remembered as the fans that booed a moment of silence for racial unity.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    For anyone who doesn't know, Andy Reid's son was driving drunk when hit hit two cars on the side of the road and sent a child to ICU. That chickenshit on-air mention conveniently left out the DUI part.
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    FYI, Exponent added a constant to the Ideal Gas Law which just coincidentally served to make it harder for the balls to hit the allowed range. If you remove that constant and don't second guess the refs on which gauge they used then every single ball fell within the allowed range. Their reason...
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    And not on this board necessarily, but in general I feel like he doesn't get nearly as much credit for the Jays as he deserves since they were both #3 picks. Most GMs walk away from those two picks with Bender and Fultz. Ainge hit a home run twice, and the second time involved him trading out of...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    That is a great point. The answer likely lies in there being a bias against black coaches in sports but the Nash hiring not being an example of it. And I'm not saying that it is, just that in 2020 we should probably be discussing it and doing so in a more nuanced way than Stephen A. sports...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    On the Stephen A. thing, in 2019 I wouldn't have even thought twice about this. But this is 2020 and our country's racial problems are front and center right now, and I admit that upon hearing about this I quickly thought of the fact that Nash is white. Because this is 2020, earlier this year...
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    Wifi and plaster walls

    I live in an old house, ~2000 sq ft over two floors, with plaster walls. I've dealt with decent wifi (using a Verizon router) for years but trying to stream from a corner room had become a problem. I recently bought a new router and the difference is immense. I was looking into Nest and various...