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  1. CPT Neuron

    Vote how bad a decision did Butler make by shooting?

    Live and die with the alpha - it has been said a million plus times that this is a make or miss league and he just happened to miss. Their best player, gassed or not, took a make or miss shot in the dying seconds of a must win game. He took a shot that, given the choice, he probably takes 98...
  2. CPT Neuron

    5/9/2022 Celtics @ Bucks: Deer Hunter Classic

    I can handle the vocal similarities to Tony Maz...
  3. CPT Neuron

    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    Salah may get his wish, but the Madrid team scare the life out of me with this unreal with the devil stuff.
  4. CPT Neuron

    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    A near zero effort half by LFC there - way below grade for a match of this importance.
  5. CPT Neuron

    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    I can't help but feel that even though Citeh won the Match, Real won the day...heading to Madrid to defend a 1 goal lead seems far scarier than it should for Pep and his band...
  6. CPT Neuron

    4/23 Week Game Thread

    Liverpool play Everton, Origi sees the pitch, Origi scores against Everton. It's basically automatic...
  7. CPT Neuron

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Ime oozes Pop vibes, right down to the non-TO call last night...I watched Pop up close and personal while in SA for 4 years, and he is a Pop clone behaviorally at the moment.
  8. CPT Neuron

    GW Easter Week

    80 minutes of dismantling and a 10 minute nap...
  9. CPT Neuron

    4/17/2022 - Celtics vs Nets: Uncle Drew Subtweeting from KD's Burner Account

    Never should have been thqat exciting, but BKN have talent and the last defensive stand was brilliant
  10. CPT Neuron

    FA Cup Semis

    Too bad Gallagher can't play against his parent club today
  11. CPT Neuron

    GW Easter Week

    Anyone else watching the Newcastle-LC game where one of the Newcastle players scored a U12 goal from his backside, poking the ball between the LC keepers legs? High comedy.
  12. CPT Neuron

    FA Cup Semis

    Sleepy defending there...really making this more interesting than it ever should have been
  13. CPT Neuron

    FA Cup Semis

    What a spell before that goal. The ball by Thiago, wow!
  14. CPT Neuron

    GW April 8: Hells Bells

    Really, really good game. Enjoyed despite not breathing for the last 2 hours!