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  1. JimBoSox9

    20/1 - 21/1 Weekend Game Thread

    I never thought I'd be sitting here saying how much I missed Nacho freakin' Monreal. 1-0 Arsenal off his corner header. ALIVE!
  2. JimBoSox9

    EPL Gamthread 10/29 Weekend

    Good morning, ya'll.
  3. JimBoSox9

    Live in Eternity? The End of Sports-Reference Page Sponsorships So, yadda yadda, sponsorship revenues have declined to the point where it just makes more sense to put an ad in that spot. So, as they roll out a new site design shortly (hockey and pro football already have...
  4. JimBoSox9

    What storyline are you most looking forward to?

    Opening day is 4 weeks away from today, and there are whole heaps of new moving parts going into the 2016 edition of the Red Sox. Mr. @absintheofmalaise earlier today published a summary write-up of the most interesting storylines we're following and talking about. There are the obvious ones...
  5. JimBoSox9

    Video Camera Buying 2014-15

    I'm in the market for some A/V recording equipment, specifically:   -2 video cameras (~ $1200-$1600 each) - should be prosumer but looking to avoid overly complex -USB audio mixer ( < $250) -Shotgun mic & stand ( < $300) -Some kind of portable lighting kit  ( < $200)   The items I'm looking at...
  6. JimBoSox9

    Castillo: What ya got?

    According to (h/t GreenMonster), bids are due today, and Castillo will choose a winner next week.  What would you do, and what will happen?  Defend your choices.
  7. JimBoSox9

    The New OBP Baseline

    I think this is something that we dance around in a ton of threads, and it's fucking with my snap opinions on quick glances at players on b-ref.  Basically, since forever, my baseline around OBP has been something near:   .370-.380 and up: I love you, I want to be you, please date my sister...