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  1. thehitcat

    How Do You Root For the Sox?

    I'd like there to be a third option which is "Both" I still miss Mookie and I was happy that JBJ was coming back even in a diminished role. There will always be players that I remember fondly who's time in Boston "ended too soon. (Nomar)" I am angry as hell about Houck and Duran especially...
  2. thehitcat

    Mentality Heading into Game 6

    I thought they'd lose game 5, expect them to win game 6 and then shock the world winning game 7 in front of the Wine and Cheese crowd who will head home early. I expect them to come out fast and not look back on Thursday night roared on by the home crowd, then be in a tight one at the half in...
  3. thehitcat

    6/8 @ Hell's Angels

    West Coast Water again. This is like becoming a thing.
  4. thehitcat

    6/7 In the arms of the Angels

    West Coast Water! and now finally bed :)
  5. thehitcat

    Patriots Hall of Fame 2022

    I'm so excited to see Vince and his wife again. My favorite Patriot of all time (non-Grogan division)
  6. thehitcat

    2022 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    What is happening in Phoenix? They're actually lucky to not be down by 30.
  7. thehitcat

    4/25/2022 Celtics at Nets: Gimme an F, gimme a U....

    Hilariously I'm going to be right across the street from that aquarium starting this weekend. I'll keep an eye out for the Nets :)
  8. thehitcat

    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    Roman Abramovich is going to be flush with cash again soon... I wonder if Washington might be a good place for a Minority fronted ownership group. That said I'm sure we'll see alot of familiar names when the sale gets close. I just hope they stay away from Daniel Snyder.
  9. thehitcat

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    That's fair and I mean this without any malice but to echo the earlier posters as well this seems like a you problem and not a Bill Simmons problem. I don't feel like he's changed all that much over the years.
  10. thehitcat

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Isn't that his schtick? The everyman sports fan? As someone who is a Christmas and Easter golf fan (i.e. majors with Tiger playing) this is the level of discourse on the subject that I want from Simmons. I can go other places if I really want the ins and outs of Scheffler's swing or Bryson's...
  11. thehitcat

    4/7 Celtics at Bucks

    Hauser enjoying being back in Wisconsin.
  12. thehitcat

    4/7 Celtics at Bucks

    Theis is Nice!!
  13. thehitcat

    Offside or?

    Also because I know you're all wondering. We're seven matches further into the season and Almiron still hasn't scored. I really think I broke him. Also this conversation is why I love SoSH.
  14. thehitcat

    Worst Red Sox contracts ever

    The answer is Pablo Sandoval but since we're on Carl Crawford. I got my soon to be Brother in Law both a Crawford and an AGon T-shirt jersey mockup for Christmas the year they signed. To be fair I also found him the old Guapo one for Rich Garces so I like to think I'm one for three but yeesh I...
  15. thehitcat

    Offside or?

    Also hilariously (to me) Almiron got caught a good stride offside on a goal called back by VAR later in the second half so now I've jinxed him.
  16. thehitcat

    Offside or?

    See in all my reading I really wish I had seen that thanks @swiftaw That is concise and exactly what I needed but couldn't find but perhaps it was because I was looking for rebound.
  17. thehitcat

    Offside or?

    OK this just happened in my FM save so take that for what it's worth. Allan St. Maximin (whoops wrong winger) received a pass in an onside position in the box and shot it. The shot rebounded off the post and St. Maximin who was now further forward than any player other than the goalie got his...
  18. thehitcat

    Americans Abroad 2021-22: The Hype Train Is Leaving The Station

    It was a good goal, off a bit of a scramble but more importantly he was immense at the back in the second half when Celtic had to defend against waves of Rangers attacks. Really big win for the Hoops today at Ibrox and they don't get probably any points without Carter-Vickers.
  19. thehitcat

    2022 Patriots free agency period

    I don't have much to add other than I'm excited he's a Pat as I've been a fan since Michigan's recruiting picked up and I started watching him play HS ball. Hope Jabrill has a big year!
  20. thehitcat

    WCQ 2022: Qualifiers for Qatar's Questionable Quagmire

    I'm not going to get into the number of slots available because you guys all have a better handle on that, not to mention that in the next cycle it should be less problematic for good teams to get in even in they have a couple of hiccups in qualifying. That said the world cup feels little less...