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  1. sox311

    Summer 2017 Transaction Thread

    We had this thread last year and it was the first place I looked every day, should heat up soon. A place for transactions only, no discussion please. Free agency signings, trades, exercised or declined options, contract terminations, new hires, confirmed transactions.
  2. sox311

    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    Gordon that is... Today we found out that he was not selected as a member of the three All NBA Teams. Which may, or may not cost him a lot of money. As a member of the NBA for >6 years but <10 years Gordon Hayward is eligible for a 30% max this summer. The most his current team can offer is...
  3. sox311

    How to stop the tankathon

    Mike Z speaks the truth.
  4. sox311

    Celtics 17/18 Roster and assets

    ECF and first overall pick update (Actual pick numbers and transfer of pick 57 to BRK) Fully Guaranteed Contracts 1-Thomas (UFA 2018) 2-Horford (UFA 2020 - Player Option 2019) 3-Bradley (UFA 2018) 4-Crowder (UFA 2020) 5-Smart (RFA 2019 - Extension Eligible 17/18) 6-Jaylen (RFA 2021) 7-Rozier...
  5. sox311

    Restricted Free Agents - Summer 2017

    2017 starts tomorrow right? In line with non-stop trade speculation, CBA changes, Isaiah going for 52 it's time to speculate who stays and who goes in between watching the C's gun for 50 wins and the Nets for 14. Many of these players are more attractive than the lower tier UFAs, but will...
  6. sox311

    Guerschon Goes to China

    The Yabusele era for the Shanghai Sharks has begun. Yabusele could be with the Cs in a year or two and it will be nice track his progress and results. He led the team with 29 points and 13 rebounds in the season opener...
  7. sox311

    NBA League Pass

    I edited this subject to talk about League Pass as well. The Raining Js guys on the Locked on Podcast asked it the other day. Who are your top five league pass teams? If you can only have the "pick five" package who would you pick five be? We would all chose the Celts, so lets take them...
  8. sox311

    Celtics Free Agent Targets and Rumblings

    The Mega Threads about the draft were tough to scroll through. There is already a thread for NBA news, the draft, the roster, etc... Use this for Free Agent grumblings for the Cs and other teams as well when needed. Who do you want? Who should Danny want? Who and what do we need? Free...
  9. sox311

    Celtics 16/17 Roster and Assets

    A fluid look at the 15 roster and other assets. (Updated 10/24 - Hunter removal) 1-Horford (UFA 2020) 2-Thomas (UFA 2018) 3-Bradley (UFA 2018) 4-Crowder (UFA 2020) 5-Smart (RFA 2018) 6-Brown (RFA 2020) 7-Rozier (RFA 2019) 8-Olynyk (RFA 2017) 9-Amir (UFA 2017) 10-Jerebko (UFA 2017) 11-Gerald...
  10. sox311

    Cap Explosion - NBA Free Agent News - Summer 2016

    A place to post and talk about free agent news this off season. Free Agent Tracker --------- -The Pacers have decided to decline Solomon Hill's option for the 2016-17 season. Making him an unrestricted free agent. This is very surprising to me, he was fantastic the last few weeks of...
  11. sox311

    The Celtics and Building a Contender - Roster Crunch.

    Roster Crunch - The Celtics and building a winner. Edit - This team has grown quite a bit since December 1st... Really, everything has changed except the contracts and assets. And that we have too many of the assets, draft picks, to fit as soon as next year. Celtics White Board 1-Smart (RFA...