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  1. teddywingman

    The Third Base Coach Problem

    I hope Febles can figure it out. He's been a coach or manager in the Red Sox organization for over a decade. Here's a chance for him to make a step in the direction of MLB manager, if he is inclined toward that one day. He's not yet 42 years old. But all evidence in 2018 (which shouldn't be...
  2. teddywingman


    Am I alone in thinking that Joe Kelly is really good? The game threads read like he should pack his bags. I don't see it. I think he might be one of the most valuable relievers in the game. I hope I'm not wrong.
  3. teddywingman

    The Shortstop Position: Weighing the value of defense.

    Watching Xander Bogaerts this year--I keep thinking about this nebulous idea--let me see if I can frame it with some clarity.   He's got talent crackling off his spit, so he probably has the ability to become an average defensive shortstop; but he's certainly not one yet.   The Red Sox seem to...
  4. teddywingman

    Grady's Glove (Split out)

    I think it's a big stretch to call Sizemore more-than-competent in CF.