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  1. JimBoSox9

    Match Week Four

    Brilliant - I'll be totally honest, I thought the NBCSN app had been subsumed by the Peacock rollout.
  2. JimBoSox9

    Match Week Four

    Anyone else getting error messages across the board on Peacock trying to stream the 10a ET games? I'm seeing "Content request not recognized" for all of them.
  3. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 20-21: Artetenal and/or Kia Joorabchian Futebol Clube

    On the other hand, what better way to make clear to ownership that Xhaka and Elneny can't be considered midfield answers, in the last week of the transfer window? It's the only angle from which not starting Ceballos makes sense.
  4. JimBoSox9

    Game week 2 game thread

    FYI, I was surprised yesterday that I was able to sign up for Peacock for free through Xfinity (go to the Sports guide view, pick the EPL game, and the free offer popped up). Check your cable providers!
  5. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    I have some optimism that a full year of Arteta can get this current squad back to Europa next year, but we have to be realistic in that they need three Champions-caliber players between the central midfield and defense, and that kind of quality isn't coming in.
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    Match Week 34/35

    Counterpoint: more of the heavy lifting to create those goals was done by Arsenal's back line than Tottenham's attackers.
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    Looming? It's moved into the spare bedroom and going halfsies on the utility bills.
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    Alex Verdugo - on-field discussion thread

    MLBN had a whole video package showing his oppo approach, he definitely has the JD style of taking center-cut fastballs to left-center as his standard timing. As long as he doesn't forget about pulling entirely at Fenway, he should profile well at home. Edit: fixed left/right.
  9. JimBoSox9

    Betts/Price to LA for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and Connor Wong

    I have to admire your commitment to staying on-brand.
  10. JimBoSox9

    What about Brusdar?

    I especially like how his mix profiles in a world where MLB really is serious about addressing the ball-fueled HR binge, it'll be a lot harder for launch-angle swings to lift that sinker and take it out of the park.
  11. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    Is it possible that Xhaka was always supposed to be a center back?
  12. JimBoSox9

    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    Holy fuck, Hinch and Luhnow fired by Crane - PC on MLBN now.
  13. JimBoSox9

    Running Them into the Ground: The EPL Holiday Fixtures Bonanza Gamethread (26-12-19 - 02-01-2020)

    Arsenal's transfer window needs: (1) Centerback (2) Centerback (3) Centerback
  14. JimBoSox9

    Centerfield: 2020 and Beyond

    You can survive subpar LF defense with 81 games in Fenway even with a fly ball-heavy staff. If the dual #1 priorities are the luxury tax and re-signing Mookie, the obvious step after trading JBJ is trying to fill his role with players already on the roster. I'd prepare yourself for a...
  15. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    If Man City gets a point tomorrow, we'll be as close to relagation as we are to 4th.
  16. JimBoSox9

    11/8 - 11/10 game thread

    Arsenal actually carried play in the midfield in the 2nd until the goal, but this is basically what the final-third offense has been all season when not being masked by ridiculous conversion rates from Auba and Martinelli.
  17. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    I'd been thinking the right time would probably be after they crash out of the Europa, but Leicester is reallllly on form and I think there's a pretty decent chance they give us a real thumping next weekend. Hypothetically, is there a scoreline that gets Emery sacked right there?
  18. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    I don't mind pulling Ozil after 60 in his first action in forever, IF it means he's going back out there for at least another hour at Wolves. Emery did say it was a pre-planned substitution based on fitness, not a tactical change, and I'd focus on the positive that Ozil looked active and crisp...
  19. JimBoSox9

    Red Sox Hire Chaim Bloom As Chief Baseball Officer

    And in reverse, if Bloom trades Mookie inside his first year it'll give him a shorter leash of goodwill with the fans, but by itself the narrative will be that he's executing a ownership mandate and the immediate ire will fall on Henry and Werner.