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  1. Beomoose

    The Night Before Draftmas Poll

    tims4twins has an excellent poll for gauging how SoSH thinks it will play out, but I'd like to get a look at how SoSH wants it to play out.
  2. Beomoose

    Ryan Westmoreland, 8 years later

    The Herald has a piece on Westy that's a pretty nice update. Ryan seems to like it anyway. Also a fan of this: Would be pretty cool if he could get into scouting.
  3. Beomoose

    2017 Patriots Rookie Of The Year

    The season didn't end the way we wanted, and our rookies took a beating. But some still put in some important time.
  4. Beomoose

    Patriots 2016 Rookie Of The Year

    Which young ring-bearer had the best season?
  5. Beomoose

    Pats 2015 Rookie of The Year

    That time of Year again, which Rookie impressed the most?
  6. Beomoose

    Pats 2014/15 Rookie Of The Year

    Go Ahead, pick Butler. You know you wanna  
  7. Beomoose

    Patriots 2013 Rookie of the Year

    Tough end to a grinding, punishing season, but some bright spots were Rookies who stepped up in big games. Who's your pick for Rookie of the Year?