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  1. geoduck no quahog

    New Computer and Moving Stuff

    Apologies in advance if this is addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. My 5-year old PC (Windows 7 Pro) has become unstable and it appears to be associated with the motherboard. It will run for several minutes and then freeze, requiring a hard re-boot and everything associated with that...
  2. geoduck no quahog

    The Pitching Staff Going Forward

    Now that the position players are essentially set...thought a new thread dedicated to a Red Sox pitching staff going into the playoffs would be useful. One thing that stands out to me is the potential lack of a #2 starter - made up by several #3 starters. It's going to be an interesting story at...
  3. geoduck no quahog

    Xfinity (Comcast) Mobile

    I'm looking for anyone who may actually be using this service. The pricing looks too good to be true - there must be a hidden trap. 1. Must be an Xfinity Internet User 2. Uses Verizon System when not connected to Internet 3. Can only buy phone from Xfinity (something about a unique SIM that...
  4. geoduck no quahog

    The DDombrowski 2017 Report Card Thread

    This could be the starter for a new thread about DD. I do, however, think that if someone is criticizing a (for example) GM, that perspective should be provided. Almost everyone in every position in baseball is a loser. There's no Auerbach or U Conn these days. I'll snip some sentences from...
  5. geoduck no quahog

    Red Sox and Day Games

    It seemed to me that the Red Sox have recently had a lot of problems in day games, so I thought I'd arbitrarily look at the last 11 (since 1 August) They lost 8 of those 2-3 1-2 0-1 8-6 1-2 5-10 3-4 3-2 16-2 5-8 0-3 Season-long stats show they don't hit quite as well during the day, albeit I...
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    Fiber (Centurylink) / Tivo Question

    Please help. I signed an intention to switch from Comcast (TV, Internet, Phone) to Centurylink (Fiber / Cat6) and have 3 days (until 30 May) to cancel the order. This will save me about $100/month (for the first year). Here's my quandary: Centurylink claims their internet service is miles...
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    The New Red Sox GM Discussion

    Who do you want considered and why...and who do you favor?   (feel free to replace who with whom at any juncture)
  8. geoduck no quahog

    iPhone Overheat and Battery Drain During Calls

    I've done some looking through the forum and haven't found anything. Be happy to delete if this is addressed elsewhere.   Situation: iPhone 5. Runs smoothly for all applications. Nothing using remarkable resources.    Only when using as a phone (god forbid)...unit overheats noticeably within 1...
  9. geoduck no quahog

    Projecting the opening-day roster

    I'm going to predict the opening day position player roster. Anyone care to guess about the pitchers?   Starters:   Hanigan, Napoli, Pedroia, Sandoval, Bogaerts Ramirez, Betts, Victorino Ortiz   4th OF: Castillo 5th OF / 1B: Craig B/U C: Leon UI: Holt   Victorino starts and either plays himself...
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    Jon Lester - News Only Thread

    I have none.
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    Wondering if we couldn't have a thread dedicated to up-to-the-minute experiences/warnings with actual web experiences. Feel free to delete, or move elsewhere...   Phishing emails (yesterday) from Capital One credit card. Very well done, including account information and balances...possibly a...
  12. geoduck no quahog

    Trade Deadline Recap

    I hope someone more knowledgeable than me, particularly on the value of wins and contract ramification, can use this as a jumping off point.   Rays:    Gave up Price (cost controlled through 2015) for Nick Franklin, Drew Smyly and prospect Adames   Tigers:   Gave up Smyly, 1 year + 3 months of...
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    Backup and Synching Strategy

    I've looked through the forum and can't find any specific advice. I've also searched the web and have come up with a couple of strategies.   Here's the situation (should be generic, but I'll be specific):   - 1 big Desktop PC (main home use 500 GB data storage drive D:) - 1 network HD backup...
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    Globe Baseball Coverage

    So, I'm kicking around whether or not to pay for full coverage.   I'm leaning against it because the free articles are an embarrassment to any city that calls itself a Sports Town.   Steve Silva? Really? That's what coverage has come to?   I'm concerned that the paid portion of the...