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  1. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Golden Knights

    Go Bruins.
  2. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Flames

    Go Bruins.
  3. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Oilers

    Go Bruins.
  4. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Canucks

    Go Bruins.
  5. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Lightning

    Go Bruins.
  6. kenneycb

    Bruins vs Preds

    Go Bruins.
  7. kenneycb

    3/9 Bruins @ Islanders

    There's a game tonight. Would be nice if lines 2-4 did something.
  8. kenneycb

    Game 2 - Bruins vs. Canes

    The Bruins won Game 1 and outplayed the Canes. Peter Mrazek is still trying to find his angle on the OT goal and probably will continue to do so into the next game. The Bruins were the better team in the regular season. They were the better team last night. Keep that up.
  9. kenneycb

    Game 1 - Bruins vs. Canes

    The Bruins play later tonight in the first game of the playoffs. Unfortunately, they are playing the powerhouse Carolina Hurricanes, who by virtue of having a lot of shot attempts for has led people to believe they are on the same level as the early 80s Islanders, the mid-80s Oilers despite...
  10. kenneycb

    February NHL News

    Leafs get Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford for Trevor Moore and ‘20/‘21 3rds. Probably spells the end for Hutchinson.
  11. kenneycb

    Oilers @ Bruins

    I saw Darnell Nurse in a bar in Grand Rapids once. Pretty sure he was underage at the time. Beat these non law abiding fools. In regulation of course.
  12. kenneycb

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    Loser points are great but it would be nice to stop blowing leads to not good teams.
  13. kenneycb

    Bruins @ Devils

    Matinee game as the Bruins will probably be home in time to ring in the new year in Boston.
  14. kenneycb

    Sabres @ Bruins

    Different place, let’s go for the same result. My youth team growing up was the Sabres and we always sucked. So that seems appropriate.
  15. kenneycb

    Bruins @ Sabres

    I’m hungover. Hopefully the Bruins aren’t.
  16. kenneycb

    Caps @ Bruins

    A non-OT point getting game would be nice.
  17. kenneycb

    Preds @ Bruins

    A non-OT W would be nice.
  18. kenneycb

    Islanders @ Bruins

    Great win in the last game against Florida. How about another?
  19. kenneycb

    Bruins @ Panthers

    How about a victory?
  20. kenneycb

    Bruins @ Tampa

    How bout we score some goals tonight?