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  1. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Bill Fitch has passed away

    Fitch passed away yesterday at the age of 89. I posted this elsewhere but figured given his career and Celtics connection the guy deserves his own thread. A rather nomadic coaching career which is nicely summarized here. With a lot of help from Larry he brought a championship to the Celtics...
  2. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Thousand points of light. Anyone ever deal with LED reflector issue on an LG TV?

    I've been at our cottage for the past couple months and came home last night since my wife has to go back to in person teaching. I fire up my TV (LG70LB7100) and I'm greeted to the picture below. A bit of Googling and then You Tube has led me to believe the LED light reflectors have come unglued...
  3. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    July Game Thread

    Since there’s no July thread yet I’ll just choose this one to wish everyone a happy Bobby Bonilla Day!
  4. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Red Sox to have fans at Fenway to start 2021

    Figured this belonged here. In addition to Fenway TD Garden will also be opening up in a limited capacity From the Herald: And from the Red Sox: It will be interesting to see how they handle the distribution of tickets. I'm sure they've been planning behind the scenes but now they have...
  5. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Where's that video? MLB's new Multimedia search

    Saw a tweet from Gordon Edes about MLB's new video search tool. You want to find Nomar videos? Search for him. Are you really enamored by catcher's interference? Good news, there are 102 videos of that. The videos have a lot of recency bias (the play specific feature is only from 2018 onward)...
  6. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    The state of Boston sports talk radio Can't embed tweets anymore but Chad laying some smack down on EEI. To the OMF EEI twitter account: "You guys should be spending less time getting effortlessly dunked on and more time learning Kenny Chesney's catalog."
  7. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Eck signs deal w/NESN to do 85 games per year.

    I didn’t want to resurrect a long dormant NESN broadcast thread and didn’t see this anywhere. Sounds like he’s happy, it allows Remy to take on a smaller role assuming he’s coming back and it leaves less possible games for Lyons. Eck: I'm excited to announce my expanded role with @nesn. I...
  8. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Day baseball today

    I didn't see a 2018 version of this thread, so here's your alert. 1:05 start today.
  9. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    April 2017 MLB Game Thread

    Let the season begin! Yankees at Tampa Tanaka vs. Archer Giants at Arizona Bumgarner vs. Greinke Cubs at Cardinals Lester vs. Martinez The Rays off to a nice start against the Yankees up 5-2. Longoria with 3 RBIs on a 2 run HR and a sac fly. Hopefully a Yankees 0-162 season will still be a...
  10. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund telethon Aug 29-30

    Just a reminder that the annual Jimmy Fund telethon is currently underway on WEEI. If you've sworn off sports radio or just EEI in general, you should tune in for a little bit over the next couple of days to hear some of the stories. There are successes but there are also unfortunately still too...
  11. Jim Ed Rice in HOF

    Help me outfit my new room.

    We’re currently doing some home renovations that will be opening up a 13’x24’ space for a TV room. I am starting from scratch since I will be leaving my current TV and ancient receiver/speakers in the family room that my kids took over a while ago through some manifest destiny move. The current...