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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    was there for all those games, including Derek Lowe's "thigh-slap" clincher, can confirm
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    The Game Ball: Wk. 13 at Buffalo

    Choosing to be introduced as a team, the New England Patriots
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Boston Bruins never win easy. They love their drama. We’re doing this
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    I've lurked since 2002 or so and don't post much, but I just wanted to say I have really grown to dislike the St Louis Blues a lot over the course of this playoffs, so I look forward to their salty, bitter tears flavoring my beer. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    CSI Nevermind--Excuses for Why Patriots Opponents Lose

    There was a time when I seriously considered the notion that Belichick is behind all of these false accusations in order to create motivation for the squad that has it all to win another title. I mean, it's no less ridiculous than anything else I've heard.