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  1. pappymojo

    2017 NFL Draft Discussion

    Felt like I was polluting the Draft Contest Thread ( and wanted a place to discuss this year's draft. I know the Patriots don't pick until the 3rd round, and I don't really expect the Patriots to trade...
  2. pappymojo

    Former Chargers Doctor, Current Media Hack, David Chao
  3. pappymojo

    Jeremy Jacobs
  4. pappymojo

    2016 Ravens

    I just wanted a place to talk about this (and I apologize for not being funny enough to come up with a good thread title). Suggestions welcome. More than ever, I think the Ravens really...
  5. pappymojo

    The Rat-Faced Ratbird: Who is Troy Vincent?

    I thought it was appropriate to have a thread for this traitor.        ...
  6. pappymojo

    Wireless Router Question

    I have a $20 Linksys wireless router in my home that I bought used a couple of years ago.  I use it for internet and to stream television with a roku.  We have a tablet that my kids use to watch youtube, a laptop that the adults use, and two smart phones in the home.   I don't really have any...
  7. pappymojo

    Pluck the Ducks 03/26/2015

    I hope this isn't fowl but figured a change of mojo would be good. Some random talking points. 1) I don't have cable and haven't watched more than four games this year. 2) I don't participate in these game threads often but like to read them on my way to work the day after a game. 3) Protect...
  8. pappymojo

    Everything is Awesome

    This is an attempt at some positive juju.   No Debbie Downer posting allowed.  Thoughts, memories, gifs, photos, and videos that demonstrate why we should all be thankful to be fans for a great team.
  9. pappymojo

    Fantasy Sports Forum - Protected Forum

    Sorry for starting a new thread if I shouldn't have.  I noticed today, 09/08/2014, that the Fantasy Sports Forum is listed as a Protected Forum.  This is the Monday following the first weekend of football.  I had previously posted to threads in this forum and now I can't read any threads, let...
  10. pappymojo

    Dont'a Hightower

    A place to discuss.
  11. pappymojo

    Bob Ryan:

    Bob Ryan just made me laugh: Bob Ryan co-wrote "Drive: The Story of My Life" by Larry Bird and "Hondo: Celtic Man in Motion." I wonder if he would say that either of them had big egos...