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  1. Hendu for Kutch

    Manny Ramirez Jr, D’Angelo Ortiz and Jaden Sheffield playing together on the Brockton Rox

    I think Pedro's and Keith Foulke's kids are on the team too.
  2. Hendu for Kutch

    NFL: News and transactions

    I think that's one of the most impressive calls I've ever seen an official make while thinking they were insane the first time I saw it. In real time it looked like an obvious incomplete pass AND the ball going out of bounds before being recovered. But that view from behind the QB (where the...
  3. Hendu for Kutch

    4/28: Ascend

    It was especially disappointing making the trip to Toronto just for the game to see that lineup waiting for me. Shades of the NBA in this one.
  4. Hendu for Kutch

    4/28: Ascend

    I'm at the park, what just happened?
  5. Hendu for Kutch

    April MLB Game Thread

    It seems pretty dirty to me. While paling in comparison to the collisions of old, Voit pretty clearly shoves the catcher's head after contact is initiated. He added a little extra something that wasn't at all needed and wasn't any part of trying to evade a tag.
  6. Hendu for Kutch

    4/15 Sox home opener vs Twins

    Is the crowd noise being muted or are they really all dead?
  7. Hendu for Kutch

    4/15 Sox home opener vs Twins

    I recall a few years back when it was very very cold on this day and all the players were wearing masks so you could only see their eyes. Between that and the numbers all being the same, I remember thinking this looks like a League of Shadows intramural game.
  8. Hendu for Kutch

    Psssssssst 2022

    There was still two innings left. How high would you let him go? If he kept his pace up, he'd need 103 pitches to get through it. And those are high-stress pitches at the end given what he's going for. Would you let him go 100+ to get it, given that he was making his first start this late...
  9. Hendu for Kutch

    Bobby Valentine 10 years later - NBC 10 Boston web documentary

    The red flags didn't start in Spring Training, the red flags started on Sunday Night baseball the previous seasons. He'd routinely say incredibly stupid things as a color commentator. I remember thinking the morbid silver lining to the Sox hiring him was that at least Sunday Night Baseball...
  10. Hendu for Kutch

    2022 Cleveland Guard Railing

    Thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it. I end up doing a lot of research on minor league players for fantasy baseball and every year come across some players that have an excellent stat profile but nobody is talking about or ranking anywhere. Then I feel like I "discovered" them and...
  11. Hendu for Kutch

    2022 MLB spring training - news and notes

    Jesus, I knew the White Sox wanted him to follow the Kopech career path, but he didn't have to do it so damn literally.
  12. Hendu for Kutch

    NESN will show Red Sox home games in 4K HDR in 2022

    To further this, I have a few Chase cards and almost every single month one of them has a $20 off promo. So I pay $45/month most months. Fubo does have some 4K streaming options, hopefully NESN will be one of them.
  13. Hendu for Kutch

    2022 MLB spring training - news and notes

    I wonder what happens if he's hurt during the game? Does the replacement pitcher become the new DH by default? Or does he get two subs?
  14. Hendu for Kutch

    2022 Cleveland Guard Railing

    There are a couple of Cleveland prospects that have piqued my interest. I'm wondering what you think of George Valera and Bryan Lavastida. I see Robinson Cano thrown around as a swing comparison for Valera all the time, which doesn't really vibe with him not being higher in most prospect...
  15. Hendu for Kutch

    Trevor Story has signed with the Boston Red Sox

    Not until they figure out if Xander is staying or not. If Xander leaves at the end of the season, Story slides to SS and 2B is wide open again.
  16. Hendu for Kutch

    MLB and MLBPA have a deal

    3rd place is you're fired.
  17. Hendu for Kutch

    MLB and MLBPA have a deal

    I have a family trip to Toronto in late April centering around the Sox game there, so I've been sweating this one out. Good news for sure.
  18. Hendu for Kutch

    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    No kidding. Jason Bay would be my cleanup hitter and he can't even crack the roster of the JB team.
  19. Hendu for Kutch

    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    Considering there are only 51 players in combined MLB + Negro League history that have the same initials I do and played more than one season, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, it's not good, but considering it's 0.2% of all players, it's not half bad? Definitely had to do...
  20. Hendu for Kutch

    Celebrating what is

    Their starting circumstances were also very different. Mahomes took over a team that had already been in the playoffs 3 straight years and has had 2 All-Pro weapons the whole time. Brady took over a 5-11 team and had very mediocre skill position players, albeit with better defenses. Mahomes...