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  1. BuellMiller

    POLL ONLY: Which uniform do you prefer?

    Tom Brady had a winning percentage of about 77% as a patriot, which is about the same as his record in the throwback uniforms (7-2) so not much different. And going by Pythagorean percentage it’s probably a lot higher thanks to the 2009 Titans game. So likely nothing to do with the uniform and...
  2. BuellMiller

    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    His best pitch was typically his changeup. Most likely Clark was sitting on that, which I think was usually in the mid 70s.
  3. BuellMiller

    2022 Patriots off-season, non-FA thread

    Tr. Nixon should really have gotten #7 (sorry Jake Bailey).
  4. BuellMiller

    Celtics vs. Heat, Round 3 Discussion

    This. I loved Tatum's comically exasperated imitation of Bam to the refs after getting called for a foul for trying to fight through his blocks. Sign Bam, BB! You thought Strange was athletic?
  5. BuellMiller

    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    Is that still the case though, after they changed the rookie salary scale for draft picks in the 2011 CBA?
  6. BuellMiller

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 2

    Did the analysis include the average pick location of each team, since I’d guess the patriots were probably the lowest (not to mention the loss of the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rounders for the IG Law and spygate 2, Cincinnati bugaloo”)?
  7. BuellMiller

    Worst Red Sox contracts ever

    There are some interesting alternate histories that could have happened here...what if Mussina signs with the Red Sox instead. Do the Yankees shift to Manny, or maybe another pitcher (saving Mike Hampton from Colorado? or saving Colorado from Mike Hampton). Maybe they go after A-Rod a few...
  8. BuellMiller

    Whatifsports Red Sox tournament

    Is 2004 allowed to win a clincher if Derek Lowe isn't pitching?
  9. BuellMiller

    Worst Red Sox contracts ever

    His 2000 season had some bit of BABIP bad luck involved (going from around .320 in his previous several years to like .280), but still walked a bit. He did go from stealing 45 bases in his final season in KC to 18 in 1999 to going 0 for 8 in 2000, so maybe there was also a bit of decline in...
  10. BuellMiller

    NFL Free Agent Frenzy

    He just really likes Rick Porcello, too.
  11. BuellMiller

    WhatIfSports Patriots Tournament

    That 2001 team certainly wouldn't be afraid of a higher seed. Plus, if Edelman has to spend any time covering Troy Brown out of the slot, that's a matchup that even a young Tom Brady would pick apart all day. Although, Milloy, Vrabel, Phifer, and/or McGinest would certainly have their hands...
  12. BuellMiller

    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    Maybe we should make a team of the best seasons of the worst Hall of Famers and see how badly they match up. Players like Lloyd Waner (4.3 WAR in 1932), Baines (2.9 if you go by his best season as a primary DH in 1991), or Mazeroski (4.9 WAR in 1958), etc. The Veteran's Committee Specials.
  13. BuellMiller

    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    Another OF candidate could be Paul Blair's 1967 season: .293/.353/.446, 135 OPS+, 6.8 bWAR, GG
  14. BuellMiller

    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    (or if you're going to go by bWAR, Youkilis's 2008 is his 2nd best season, and had a higher WAR than Mo (of course, both are less than Helton's season that coremiller mentioned). Youkilis: .312/.390/.569, 144 OPS+, 29 hr, 115 rbi, 6.3 WAR And while we're on the 2008 Red Sox, his MVP season...
  15. BuellMiller

    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    Obviously a bias here, but by bWAR, the second best seasons for Nomar and Mo were both 1998: Nomar: .323, .362, .584, 140 OPS+, 35 hrs, 122, rbi, 7.1 WAR Mo: .337/.402/.591, 153 OPS+ 40 hrs, 115 rbi, 5.6 WAR
  16. BuellMiller

    Celebrating what is

    A few notes: **: I remember being a little scared of the Steelers coming back, until they kicked a FG to make it 31-20 when they had it 4th and goal down by 14 in the 4th quarter. ***: That DPI on Samuel was by far the most egregious call in that game (even considering the Watson play). When...
  17. BuellMiller

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    Probably really only needed 3 seasons like 2003 or slightly worse to get in. Even with a shortened career compared to the other SS of his era in Jeter, Arod, vizquel, I think say the following stats get it done: 2300 H, 1200 R and RBI, 500 2b, 300 HR, close to 60 WAR, and essentially the same...
  18. BuellMiller

    2022 SoSH HOF Ballot

    And also point out that player A didn’t get in until his 3rd try and squeaked in at 76% so even being one of the top all time wasn’t looked at all that great by the voters. And calling him top 3 is slightly misleading since there really is a top 2 in Morgan and Hornsby and then a drop off, at...
  19. BuellMiller

    Celtics sign Joe Johnson

    Didn’t they even have to let Rick Fox and Dee Brown go just to get the space to sign Knight? and let’s not forget the deal to get Potapenko ended up being for the pick that became Andre Miller I believe.
  20. BuellMiller

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    I’ll echo some of the previous statements about Boggs, even if his HoF status technically makes him ineligible for this. I also always tracked his stats every day in the box scores, and would get upset if he only went 1 for 3 with a couple of walks, since that often lowered his BA. (8 year old...