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  1. czar

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    Clay Buchholz. Followed him through the system and felt semi-invested in his performance at the big league level. Was always kind of interesting digging into the box scores and understanding "good start, but lucky outcomes" or "bad start, but unlucky outcomes," etc. Thought he got an unfair...
  2. czar

    How many players on this list w/ one career Red Sox home run do you remember? (since 1990)

    Creighton Gubanich's one HR was a grand slam in a day game against Oakland. It has his first big league hit, too.
  3. czar

    Red Sox bring back Travis Shaw

    FWIW, Shaw's xwOBA (based off quality of contact from Statcast) is right around league average the last couple years (.320). My guess is Bloom was looking more at the underlying metrics than the top line slash. For context, coming into today Franchy's xwOBA is .239. Dalbec is .318 in 2021. Too...
  4. czar

    August Game Thread

    I mean, it's kinda funny ... but also watching the mob ramp up on Twitter last night only to find out it's "Dinger" this morning and just go on like nothing happened is also part terrifying.
  5. czar

    Trade deadline

    Yeah, that's probably Duran + Downs ish and my guess is majority of people would still prefer Martin + SWR.
  6. czar

    USFL to return in spring 2022

    Between the AAF + XFL + Arena Football + whatever, how do these guys keep finding capital for this?
  7. czar

    Jay Groome (2016 First Round pick)

    Any updates on his velo from games? I know there were positive reports out of ST, but the SoxProspects guys were pretty down on his FB just last week (had it in the 91-94ish range sounds like).
  8. czar

    Atlantic League rules experiments

    I would actually assume this modification would be less drastic for pitcher mechanics than lowering the mound. Really, the main change for a pitcher is a slight change in vertical target to account for the extra drop associated with the extra foot (for a fastball, this is an inch or so, for a...
  9. czar

    Covid and MLB

    View: View:
  10. czar

    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade
  11. czar

    Alert for power outage

    So it's a bit tricky, because many energy monitoring devices (i.e., smart plugs) talk to a hub, but a power outage nukes power to the hub and breaks the connection. Even if you have a hub with battery backup, you may have issues getting information "out" if the router goes out. Practically, my...
  12. czar

    2020 NCAA Football

    Dan Patrick/Pat Forde reported that this AM. Two outliers were Nebraska and Iowa, I believe.
  13. czar

    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

  14. czar

    Mookie Betts 2020 FA Watch

    I am too lazy to do the math, but this is some of the undercurrent of the Stark piece (Athletic) bouncing around the Twitterverse. However, I find it highly unlikely the Sox viewed $30m/pp as full tax freight. If Mookie signs the rumored offer, I'm very confident that other moves would have...
  15. czar

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    For me, this is bingo. IMO, there's enough smoke here (not only the assault allegations, but also the work ethic issues that have consistently followed Verdugo in prospect circles) for me to feel pretty non-plussed about rooting for him. I'm not on a jury, just a guy deciding how I want to...
  16. czar

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    Aside from the aforementioned issue, there has been a great deal of chatter in prospect circles re: Verdugo's work ethic and effort level. Fangraphs
  17. czar

    Who will be the next manager?

    My guess is the acceptable way to do this would be to have Pedroia retire, thereby freeing the money on the player salary side, then immediately sign him to some off-field (managerial, assistant, etc.) contract that matches his current salary.
  18. czar

    Updating an older MacBook Pro

    Compressed air. If it's a non-retina MBP of that vintage, I believe you can upgrade both the SSD and RAM. I am running a mid-2012 13" Pro unibody that still screams with 16 GB RAM and an SSD. IIRC, the boards can support 2x the amount of RAM Apple claims (so if Apple says 8 GB is the max, they...
  19. czar

    2019 NCAA Pool

    In for 3, paid via Venmo. Thanks for running this.