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  1. FlexFlexerson

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    I regret to report cotton wool gives Sale violent stomach spasms.
  2. FlexFlexerson

    Wocka Wocka Wocka!

    Water! Great game. Sox have gotten fun as hell to watch all of a sudden (minus one or two bullpen arms)
  3. FlexFlexerson

    Wocka Wocka Wocka!

    I guess I should be angry but I'm just sad about Barnes. The look he had walking off the mount was not a guy angry with himself or dismayed or anything. Just looks totally helpless and defeated. Hard to see how he rights the ship at all (if he can at all) without some major time away from the...
  4. FlexFlexerson

    4G Android phone megathread

    I finally retired my pixel 3 a couple months ago (it wouldn't start up unless it was plugged in - a fairly major issue when combined with the declining batter life that required turning off occasionally to conserve battery power when out and about) and switched to a 6. I miss the back of phone...
  5. FlexFlexerson

    White Sox vs. Red Sox 5/6/22 - 7:10 ET

    Just logged in to complain about this! We have to deal with yet another platform, how do we not at least get Katie in the booth? Steve Jobs' Ghost really fucking us over here.
  6. FlexFlexerson

    West Ham United... In Moyes we Trust?

    This seems exactly right to me. And it reflects the way we've been playing the last few matches, frankly. I was telling a fellow Hammers friend during today's match that it really looks to the eye like we've basically punted on moving up the table at this point - and it would make sense as you...
  7. FlexFlexerson

    4/13 Red Sox in MoTown

    Hmmmm... I was gonna turn this off a couple of innings ago. Should have followed my instincts.
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    The MLBPAA has a fan membership program stating at $25 that gets you tons of discounts + 50% of

    For the last couple years I've traded Amazon gift cards for folks' t-mobile mlb codes, which was basically spending $5 on a sub, but decided to go this route for a couple reasons: 1) for the t-mobile thing to work you have to give a stranger access to your mlb account which always feels...
  9. FlexFlexerson

    How many official regular season games do you think the Boston Red Sox will play this season?

    76-90 and maybe it's just the general feeling of the state of the world infecting my outlook, but that feels optimistic right now. Owners are being complete clowns and don't seem to care about driving the car right off the cliff. I'm sure at some point cooler heads will prevail but I think...
  10. FlexFlexerson

    RIP MikeF

    RIP. As a very longtime lurker under, I think, a couple of different accounts I loved Mike's reports. I have fond memories of attending Spring Training games with my grandparents (who were ST season ticket holders when they were alive) and Mike's reports always made me feel like I was there with...
  11. FlexFlexerson

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    I have a small TCL Google TV that i got recently and it's pretty nice for what I need from it. Decent 4k resolution and I like having the full google tv suite baked in (I've played around with their Roku TVs and they're equally nice, I just recently migrated to a Google Nest smart home system so...
  12. FlexFlexerson

    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    Here's a little deal I thought I'd share here since some posters turned me onto the quality of the new Google TV interface. Sling is offering a new chromecast w/ Google TV if you sign up for a month of service, both new and returning customers are eligible...
  13. FlexFlexerson

    Red Sox pick up 2023 and 2024 options on Alex Cora

    Good move. I think I griped about Cora in the game threads but at the end of the day this was a tremendous effort to coax strong performances from what felt like a bit of a Frankenstein team at times. I think he has stuff to work on from a managing perspective - whatever techniques were being...
  14. FlexFlexerson

    West Ham United... In Moyes we Trust?

    I'm fairly excited for this. Despite how well things are going at the moment, a change in ownership is clearly needed. I only know what I've read in the news stories, but Kretinsky seems like a potentially good owner if that transition happens.
  15. FlexFlexerson

    Gameweek 38: This is the end, my beautiful friend, the end

    Fornals does it twice. Losing my mind for West Ham right now. European soccer so close to confirmed. Hope @Cellar-Door is watching.
  16. FlexFlexerson

    West Ham United... In Moyes we Trust?

    Should we revisit whether WHU is actually worth their own thread? Phenomenal start to 2021, I've even warmed to Moyes.
  17. FlexFlexerson

    FA Cup

    Pleased with West Ham here. Abysmal conditions, got the win and no one drowned.
  18. FlexFlexerson

    West Ham United... In Moyes we Trust?

    DaGrosa buying the club would give me some hope for the future, so there's no way it's going to happen.
  19. FlexFlexerson

    Clubs you always root against

    West Ham, Rapids and USMNT/USWNT fan here, so: Spurs, Millwall, Real Salt Lake, Mexico, England, Honduras, Germany Others: Bayern, Juventus and PSG for reasons mentioned above. Club America too. And, as others have said, any teams with current or historical right wing/fash leanings: real...
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    Alphabet Soup: the NASL/USL/CPL/NISA/PDL/NPSL/UPSL/NCAA Soccer Thread

    Colorado Springs Switchbacks (who lost their opener last night) are letting season ticket holders into their home games. With dollar beers to try to entice folks back in. I'm somewhat empathetic because they just built a new stadium and this is supposed to be the debut season for it, but seems...