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  1. genoasalami

    Stanley Cup Final

    Tonight is the 70th playoff game in the past three years for the Bolts. 70th. Nearly an additional full season.
  2. genoasalami

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    What a crappy NBA finals for everyone but GS fans.
  3. genoasalami

    Conference Finals

    Must not translate well to TV ...joint was rockin all night...
  4. genoasalami

    5/21/2022 - ECF Game 3 - Miami @ Boston

    Happens all the time ...spend all night trying to come back from a huge deficit finally get there let up ..and you are down big again...
  5. genoasalami

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Going from playing half the games a mile high in a market with minimal media/fan pressure to playing in Boston is quite the switch. Some thrive on the extra "pressure" playing in a market like Boston ..others struggle.....
  6. genoasalami

    May 8th Mother's Day Miracle to Turn Around Season

    He’s on a sand bar off Ipswich.
  7. genoasalami

    May 8th Mother's Day Miracle to Turn Around Season

    Different sport, but Canadians were in SCF last year and were a shit show this year.
  8. genoasalami

    May 8th Mother's Day Miracle to Turn Around Season

    NASDAQ is hotter than this team.
  9. genoasalami

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Does not want to deal with fans giving him crap when he can't make the trip to Toronto in late June? Couple more weeks off pushes his return to early July.
  10. genoasalami

    Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton

    FWIW Kiper's take.. In Round 2, there were several better wide receivers available when New England took Tyquan Thornton (50), who didn't even make my list of the top 25 wideouts in this class. Yes, he has blazing speed -- he ran a 4.28-second 40 at the combine -- but he needs a lot of work on...
  11. genoasalami

    Pats 2022 draft class

    Mel Kiper's take.... New England Patriots: C+ Top needs: CB, WR, LB Are we allowed to question a draft from Bill Belichick? The Patriots haven't exactly lit it up over the past few Aprils, though the Mac Jones pick from 2021 appears to be a hit. I just don't think they got value with their...
  12. genoasalami

    4-26 7:07 PM Eastern Time to get Heroic

    He is probably doing ok when his direct deposit hits.
  13. genoasalami

    4/22 Wacha vs Kluber; Round 1 Of Did Chaim Bloom Or Erik Neander Make The Better Choice

    Don't be shocked if they end up right where they are. Pinellas has money and a solid redevelopment plan for the Trop site. The best spot for them is in Tampa, close to downtown, but the financing is not there. A wildcard is a potential recession in the next year or two..
  14. genoasalami

    4/18- Hill vs. Bundy

    Imagine scoring Opening Day and Patriot's Day tickets!! What a parlay.
  15. genoasalami

    4/10 BOS vs NYY, 7 PM

    it is like he never left
  16. genoasalami

    4/8 Opening Day in the Toilet

    It's April. A lot of cold weather games. Hammys don't get better overnight. I'd be shocked if he is not put on DL.
  17. genoasalami

    2022 Masters

    lots of rain on the course so far this week = low scores. It will be mild and dry in Augusta behind a Wednesday cold front. 30s at night. 60s and 70s during the day. Picture perfect golf weather.
  18. genoasalami

    Tyreek Hill Traded to Miami

    I am not a fan of KC at all. 15 minutes on Chiefs Planet is all you need to know. With that being said, I hate when they make a smart deal, like the one they did today.