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  1. Kliq

    20 years ago today...

    A dynasty was born View: I've watched a ton of snow games since then, but never have I seen a kick quite like that first one. Maybe it's the lack of HD cameras, but you can't even see the ball after AV kicks it, it just...
  2. Kliq

    2022 NBA Draft: The Life of Paolo

    I'm surprised nobody has started this yet. Heading into the college basketball season, there appears to be two top contenders for the #1 pick. The consensus #1 seemed to be Chet Holmgren, who was the #1 rated recruit coming out of high school and is now at Gonzaga. There really hasn't been a...
  3. Kliq

    2021-2022 NBA Predictions

    As always, we will make fun of these later. EAST 1. Milwaukee 2. Brooklyn 3. Philly 4. Boston 5. Atlanta 6. Miami 7. Indiana 8. Chicago 9. New York 10. Charlotte 11. Toronto 12. Detroit 13. Cleveland 14. Washington 15. Orlando WEST 1. Denver 2. Lakers 3. Phoenix 4. Utah 5. Clippers 6...
  4. Kliq

    Is the 3,000 hit club over?

    In all sports, I love certain clubs that set a benchmark for player success. The 10,000 yard rusher club in football, 100 goals in the EPL, 20,000 points in the NBA etc. A lot of the times they are arbitrary lines drawn around nice even numbers, but as someone that loves history, I like that we...
  5. Kliq

    2021 MLB Awards

    An interesting year as always, I'd probably go: AL MVP: Shohei Ohtani AL Cy Young: Robbie Ray AL ROY: Wander Franco NL MVP: Juan Soto NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer NL ROY: Trevor Rogers Keith Law had an...interesting article on The Athletic. He picked Zack Wheeler for NL MVP and had Evo...
  6. Kliq

    How do you feel about your club?

    An annual tradition. Give your score on your clubs current performance and future prospects on a scale of 1 to 10. I will go first. Club: Tottenham Hotspur Rating: 3/10 This past year has been a very bad season for Tottenham Hotspur. They rode the Mourinho train right off the tracks and in...
  7. Kliq

    Pick Your College Basketball Lineup

    Trending on social media and might be a fun discussion here: View: I would think Kidd/Redick/Jordan/Bird/Ewing would be the optimal lineup. Imagine the passing of Kidd and Bird? The shooting of Bird and Redick? MJ delivering the...
  8. Kliq

    Shawn Bradley Paralyzed

    Did not know this, but apparently a few months ago Bradley was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle and has been paralyzed, slowly recovering in a hospital. The Mavericks released a press release about it today: View: I've...
  9. Kliq

    The nation's tears are still here

    Catch-all thread for all Brady-related crying from other fanbases/players/media talking heads. I'll start by posting this Chief's Planet thread. Wade in carefully... Edit: Actually this thread might be better...
  10. Kliq

    NBC Sports Network shutting down, sports content headed to USA Network

    WSJ reporter Joe Flint is saying that NBC Sports Network is going to shut down at the end of the year, and the main sports content such as NHL games and NASCAR events will be moving to USA. I wonder what this means for the EPL; as I could see more and more of their games being put onto Peacock...
  11. Kliq

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Durant looks great. Uh-oh.
  12. Kliq

    Gritty Little White Guys #998

    I enjoyed watching Pritchard last night, and I'm hopeful that he will be able to contribute this year. However, and I say this out of general curiosity and it is not meant at all as an attack on any particular poster; I'm wondering how much of the hype that is taking place in this thread (and...
  13. Kliq

    Cade to Black: 2021 NBA Draft Thread

    With college basketball kicking off, it's time to get this thread going. 1. Cade Cunningham - Guard - 6'8" - Oklahoma State Cunningham seems to be the consensus number one and for good reason, Cunningham has tremendous size and playmaking ability, in addition to being an explosive athlete and...
  14. Kliq

    2020/21 UEFA Europa League: Galloping to Gdansk

    Weird lineup for Spurs today as they take on Austrian club LASK. A back four of Reguilon, Davies, Sanchez and Doherty? A midfield of Lamela, Hojbjerg and Winks? Bale, Vinicius and Lucas start up top? Joe Hart? View:
  15. Kliq

    John Thompson dead at 78

    I'm too young to really remember John Thompson, I was only 4 years old when he resigned from Georgetown. Over the years I heard about him, his relationship with Patrick Ewing and how he played a pivotal role in turning the fledgling Big East into the best conference in College Basketball, along...
  16. Kliq

    How do you feel about your club?

    With Champions League over and the 2019-2020 finally in the rear view, might as well do a assessment about how we all feel about our respective clubs and rate our confidence in them on a scale of 1 to 10. I'll start with mine. Club: Tottenham Hotspur Rating: 4 Spurs crashed to earth after...
  17. Kliq

    Match Week 34/35

    Who can possibly keep track of what match week it is? According the official EPL site, Matchweek 34 technically started on Tuesday and wraps up today, so let's just combine 34 and 35 this weekend into one thread, yes? Tottenham should totally beat a reeling Bournemouth side, but anything is...
  18. Kliq

    Matchday 31 Gamethread

    Tottenham faces West Ham and there is no reason Spurs shouldn't take all three points. Biggest change in Spurs lineup is Lo Celso/Lucas/Dele all starting with Bergwijn, Lamela and Winks on the bench. Eric Dier still improbably starts in front of Toby and Jan. View...
  19. Kliq

    Wes Unseld Dead

    NBA HoF player Wes Unseld has died. View: Unseld is one of those players who always gets brought up when you talk about guys who stats didn't tell the whole story. Averaging 10 ppg and 14 rpg for your career won't put many...
  20. Kliq

    Celtics looking into Capela

    I'm in the same boat. Having a lane-clogging Center probably isn't the way to go when you have a 6" point guard as your primary creator.