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    2022 Bengals: Glendale or Bust?

    By more popular demand than I ever would've anticipated, the Bengals thread is back - although given their success this year without one maybe I shouldn't do this. Zac Taylor was just signed to an extension through 2026. His play calling can be maddening at times (he ran when he should've thrown...
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    OT rules discussion

    From a fan's perspective, it's a travesty that Allen never got to touch the ball. Two conference championship games and a Super Bowl have also ended like this. It's easy to just say don't give up a touchdown, but it's not that easy in today's NFL and there's no reason one team shouldn't have a...
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    AFC Playoffs

    The Bengals will be hosting Saturday at 4:30, regardless of opponent.
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    Ideal Realignment

    Piggybacking off the thread in the NFL forum, I figured I'd make one for baseball. With the DH likely to be universal soon enough, there exists a possibility for realignment. Given the grind of the travel over 162 games, I would be in favor of abolishing leagues and just going to four divisions...
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    2020 Bengals: No Longer Burrow-ing Underground?

    The last four years have been rather rough on the banks of the Ohio as a team that made five straight playoff appearances from 2011-15 hasn't sniffed them since then, bottoming out at 2-14 last year. That run was built on a string of very good drafts/CFA signings from 2009-13 and as much as GM...
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    2018 Bengals: All Mediocre Things Must Come to an End

    The once perennial one-and-doners have fallen on hard times the last two years as poor drafting and talent exodus caught up to them in a big way. Nonetheless, that didn't stop them from bringing Marvin Lewis back for a 16th season and almost assuredly a 17th as it was a two-year deal. The odds...
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    The Rotation The Next Three Weeks

    With three off days in 11 starting Monday, the Sox have the ability to optimally align their rotation for the two Yankees series. Assuming they stay on schedule with Fister starting Sunday to give Sale an extra couple days, I'd like to see him skipped until they need a fifth starter against the...
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    2017 Bengals: Return to Irrelevance

    I guess the return to irrelevance already happened last year, but at least then they actually went into the season with a chance at contending. Those days are over. You could make an argument in 2015 they were the best team in the league. They finished in a three-way tie for the best record in...
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    Aligning the Rotation Down the Stretch

    The rotation is set through this weekend with Buchholz/Price/Porcello/ERod/Pomeranz. However, I'd like to see Price jump ahead of Buchholz and start Monday against Baltimore. That would make the rotation possibly look like this the last three weeks (days rest in parentheses): 9/12 vs. BAL...
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    2016 Bengals: Cornering the Market

    The Bengals did not use the franchise tag which they should've used on George Iloka. Fourth-year player Shawn Williams is definitely going to get one of the safety spots while they have the option of second-year player Derron Smith or to bring back Reggie Nelson for the other, but Iloka is the...
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    2015 Bengals: Nobody's Burfict

    It's time to talk about everyone's favorite perennial one-and-done team: your Cincinnati Bengals. With the head coach and a ton of important players, including the quarterback, entering contract years (or essentially contract years), this may be the last chance for this group to make a run.  ...
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    Mohamed Sanu: The Emergence of a Star?
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    2014 Bengals: Can They Finally Win a Playoff Game?

    The Bengals come into 2014 with again one of the league's most talented rosters but also some serious questions as they look for their first playoff win in 24 years. There were obvious extenuating circumstances in the Pittsburgh playoff loss and they were the inferior team against the Jets and...