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  1. HowBoutDemSox

    11/5 - Celtics v. Nuggets

    Denver's off to a hot start, but the Celtics have knocked off a couple undefeated teams recently. New winning streak starts tonight.
  2. HowBoutDemSox

    NBA Proposed Rule Changes for 2018-19 Season The offensive rebound rule is . . . interesting. Will that even further diminish the value of traditional big men?
  3. HowBoutDemSox

    Ortiz Joins Sox Front Office

    Official word on his role with the organization:
  4. HowBoutDemSox

    Leap and a Flag Will Appear: NFL Bans Leaping to Block FGs and PATs
  5. HowBoutDemSox

    Tiger's Owner Mike Ilitch Dies at 87