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  1. AB in DC

    September MLB game thread

    Really inexcusable managing from the Nats, wasting a Strasburg gem (7 IP , 3 H, 0 R, 6 K) by leaving a clearly ineffective Fernando Rodney to blow a 4-run lead singlehandedly: 6 batters, 1 out. Now tied at 4 going into the 9th.
  2. AB in DC

    Callaway or Kapler: Who Gets Fired First?

    And the winner is...Andy Green.
  3. AB in DC

    Unusual plays

    I think the umps did eventually grant the appeal once the 3B retrieved the ball, at least according to one of the replays. The runner was safe, but what if they called out? Obviously that run gets taken off the board, but since that would have been the third out, does the run scoring on the...
  4. AB in DC

    9/18 Giants @ Red Sox

    What's the record for fewest Ks in a no-hitter?
  5. AB in DC

    Unusual plays
  6. AB in DC

    9/11 - Poyner.

    The Sox are being one-hit by guys named Wilmer Font, Trent Thornton, and Jason Adam -- and we're complaining about pitching?
  7. AB in DC

    Since we won't be facing them in the WS.... what NL team do you want to see there?

    Nats, just to get over the playoff hex that's been clouding that franchise ever since its early Montreal days. Otherwise, it'd be nice to the Dodgers get over the hump.
  8. AB in DC

    If not us... then who? Or.... Who is your preferred A.L. playoff team after the Sox?

    I took that to be equivalent to "No preference". I don't have a particular rooting interest out of HOU/MIN/TB/OAK.
  9. AB in DC

    9/11 - Poyner.

    I guess they're giving up on Brian Johnson? Would have thought they'd give him a couple more chances to avoid being non-tendered this offseason.
  10. AB in DC

    2019 Pre-Game Thread: Week 2 @ Dolphins

    That's normal when the home team has a 1:00 game -- the other network is often forced to carry just the late game
  11. AB in DC

    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    More likely I'd think would be if significant new information gets uncovered that supports the accuser's statement. If evidence starts piling up against AB then I don't think Kraft waits for a boycott movement to materialize.
  12. AB in DC

    9/10 On the road again

    One vs Toronto, one vs. Giants, one vs. Texas, two vs. Baltimore gets there even if swept by Phi/TB.
  13. AB in DC

    2019 Pre-Game Thread: Week 2 @ Dolphins

    Please tell me it's not going to be 95+ degrees on game day. That's basically the only way they lose the game.
  14. AB in DC

    9/10 On the road again

    Toronto is worse than the Sox in every possible way, right? So let's go out and prove it.
  15. AB in DC

    DD fired

    I think what bugs me here is that, if the Sox's record were more like their second-order win % (record based solely on the stat lines on both sides of the ball) of 82-61, would this move have still happened? That'd only be 1.5 games out of the wild cared Lots'of thing went wrong this year (I"m...
  16. AB in DC

    9/8 Another game

    Not sure how Porcello and Brasier still have ERAs below 6.00. Woulda thought they'd be pushing 7.00 or 8.00 by now.
  17. AB in DC

    Wk. 1 vs Steelers: We’re on to 2019

    This ain't the AAF dude.
  18. AB in DC

    9/6: Spoiler Alert

    I know that "pitcher wins" suck as a stat, but I still find it mind boggling that Brandon Workman and (if this score holds up) Marcus Walden will have nine wins each, while David Price has 7 and Chris Sale 6.
  19. AB in DC

    9/5 Twins @ Red Sox

    Teams are a combined 3-for-36 BABIP.
  20. AB in DC

    Week 1 Game Thread

    Those outfits tho...