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  1. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Life in a Baseball Town

    Is anyone catching this crowd outside the park on the FS1 postgame show? They're absolutely nuts. This is better than Mardi Gras. I love living in a legit baseball town.
  2. The Talented Allen Ripley

    If the TV38/NESN Red Sox 10th Player Award Still Existed, It Would Go To...

    Still a few weeks left in the season, but to me, the choice is between Renfroe, Whitlock, Hernandez, or Eovaldi (based primarily on the fact that he's been the staff workhorse, something you couldn't have predicted at the season's start). Strong arguments could be made for any of these...
  3. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Sale's Return - When and in What Capacity?

    Chris Sale threw a bullpen session at Fenway on Tuesday. Let the Sale Watch commence!
  4. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Nobody Knows Anything: Mac Jones Edition

    We're all down on drafting Mac Jones, rightfully so, but pundits galore think it's a great pick at that spot given our needs. Tell me why Mac Jones is a great addition to this team. I want to believe. I mean that, I'm a sucker for it.
  5. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Weekday Baseball Today - 2021 Edition

    Sox are playing the Rays right now (Wed 4/7), 1:05 start. An extra wrinkle is that the game is being broadcast on YouTube (not YouTubeTV, but regular ol' YouTube). It's not on NESN.
  6. The Talented Allen Ripley

    RIP Billy C

    Billy Conigliaro passes away at the age of 73. View:
  7. The Talented Allen Ripley

    MLB adds Negro Leagues to Official Records

    Negro League players will be considered major leaguers, and their stats will be treated as such. I really don't like Rob Manfred, but kudos to him here.
  8. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Sox Officially Sever Ties With Lowell Spinners (With a Caveat)

    The Lowell Spinners will not be an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox for 2021, due to the MLB-mandated reduction in MiLB affiliates.
  9. The Talented Allen Ripley

    BC Hoops 2020-21

    Look at a calendar, people.
  10. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    Globe article here. Map of parcels below:
  11. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Scottish Fitba 2020-21: What's the Point?

    Celtic have won nine League titles in a row, and the Treble for the past two years. But they just crashed out of CL qualifying with a loss to Ferencvaros, missing out on the CL Group stage for the third year in a row. Both Celtic and Rangers are active in the Europa League as of now. On the...
  12. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Jim Ed's Signature

    One of the only benefits of the current shutdown is that all of the sports networks are running old, classic content. As a result, my DVR is recording stuff around the clock on all the channels, and my online video library now rivals any Hall of Fame's. I was flipping through the MLB Network's...
  13. The Talented Allen Ripley

    The Chicken Man Cometh

    Wade Boggs was the purest hitter in a Sox uniform that I’ve ever seen, and I started watching around 1980. He had a beautiful inside-out Fenway swing built to pepper endless doubles off the Wall, but he could also hit on the road. Could hit anywhere, anytime, really. Could fall out of bed and...
  14. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    Chad Finn provides his list of biggest Sox prospect busts in the Globe today. It's behind a paywall, so I'll limit what I share to his criteria and the names (Finn went by position), no commentary. I'm sure we can provide our own commentary, as well as argue about whether worthier choices were...
  15. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    aka girding ourselves for a potential Mookie exit At the time, it was Clemens. I was a little too young for Lynn/Burleson/Fisk, and while Evans's last year in Baltimore was sad, it didn't alter my view of reality. I never thought Clemens would leave, and was so despondent when he did that I...
  16. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Astros Ass't GM Brandon Taubman: Asshole (and Now He Is a Fired Asshole)

    What a dick. I'll be rooting for the Nats.
  17. The Talented Allen Ripley

    BC Hoops 2019-20

    Here's your thread, Eagles fans!
  18. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Scottish Fitba 2019-20: Sorry For Laughing

    Celtic recently completed a Treble Treble (3 years in a row of winning the Premiership, the Scottish Cup, and Scottish League Cup each year), and Neil Lennon was named permanent manager. They'll be competing in the first qualifying round for the 2019-20 Champions League, the draw date is June...
  19. The Talented Allen Ripley

    Non-Streaming Alternatives to iTunes/iPod

    I currently have a 5-year old iPod touch on its last legs that needs to be replaced soon. I could just buy a new one, but I've been unhappy with some of the repetitive glitches of the platform, most prominently any new iTunes purchases rarely syncing to my iPod playlists (the majority of my...
  20. The Talented Allen Ripley

    AUCTION ITEM: Original Artwork of Manny Delcarmen, signed by Manny Delcarmen

    This auction is for an original framed pastel drawing of Manny Delcarmen, signed by Manny Delcarmen,100% of the money raised by its sale will go to the Boston Athletic Academy. The BAA was created by former Sox pitcher (and Hyde Park's Own) Manny Delcarmen as a way to combine athletics and...