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  1. tonyandpals

    Bruins @ Jets

    I guess if I come here looking for the game thread, and I don't see it, it's my job to start it. No Krug tonight (upper body), Cehlarik to Providence . Paul Carey and Connor Clifton up on emergency basis.
  2. tonyandpals malware?

    I am getting redirected to this URL but malwarebytes is catching it and flagging it. The problem only occurs when I try to access a particular website. It does it in all browsers, on multiple machines. It happens to be the Patriots ticket exchange...
  3. tonyandpals

    Playoff Confidence Pool

    Sorry for the cross posting, but this are is much more active than the area I posted. $25 playoff pool. Rank the teams based on confidence. Full details here: Feel free to share, the more the merrier.
  4. tonyandpals

    2018-19 Ticket thread

    Created a thread on the ticket swap for this season here: Feel free to use THIS thread for any other ticket info this year.
  5. tonyandpals

    Behavior Issues

    I'm struggling w/ behavior issues on the 7yo team I'm coaching. Yes, they are seven, I get that piece. But I need to techniques to use when things go too far. Had a kid spit in another players face - done in retaliation to someone for doing something to him that I missed. Whatever the case is...
  6. tonyandpals

    Survivor pool worth close to 1mil

    Cross posted from Fiskful of Dollars to get more views: DISCLAIMER - THIS IS NOT MY POOL. JUST ONE I HAVE BEEN IN FOR MANY YEARS We're back... There is already a thread for strategy. This thread is if you want...
  7. tonyandpals

    2016-17 Bruins ticket thread

    With the schedule out, I figured I would start the catch-all ticket thread. Save your money on the box office prices this year. I have access to 2 seats in 317 for all non weekend/non holiday games. Also have a friend w/ 4 seats in 315. If you want to put a package together, let me know.
  8. tonyandpals

    3/24 - Bs vs. Panthers

    I'll give this thing a shot. I'm watching more hockey these days than I can remember. My 6yo is wrapped up in everything Bruins right now. We watch the first period together before he goes to bed. I record Bruins in 2 (when available) and we watch the rest together before school (even though...
  9. tonyandpals

    College Bowl Pool

    A friend runs a confidence pool. $20 an entry. Give the teams a ranking, get that many points when they win. Email me if you want the info:
  10. tonyandpals

    Survivor Pool - Expected pot of 600k

    Figured this would get more eyes here. Head over to Fiskful of Dollars thread to get in on it.
  11. tonyandpals

    Playing video files on Nexus 7

    This is driving me nuts... I am trying to load my son's tablet up w/ shows/movies before our Disney trip.  I've pulled them off the TiVo, converted them to a format the Nexus 7 should like (H.264 MP4s) and moved them to the internal storage / movies folder on the tablet.   HOW THE HELL DO I PLAY...
  12. tonyandpals

    Cracked screen on Nexus 7

    Bought it 2+ years ago, got a lot of use out of it. Micro USB port was starting to get sensitive and it would no longer take a charge. Watched a video on how to replace the port. Popped open to check it out, ended up cracking the screen in the process. Thinking it's better to just buy a new one...
  13. tonyandpals

    2014 Bowl Game - Confidence pool - $20 per entry, SoSHers welcome

    My buddy runs a bowl game confidence pool each year.  Pick a winner, rank the game 1 to 39. Get those points if your team wins. You can adjust the rankings of any games that have not been played yet (ie picks aren't locked).    It's $20 per entry, max of 2. Payouts are: First Place - 60% /...
  14. tonyandpals

    Home Network - What do I need to make this work

    I have 2 tivos hardwired back to a closet.  But, the way I ran the wires was a bit odd. Anyway, here is my network diagram...   Basement Service Closet Internet Service comes into the cable modem   it is hardwired to:   Router w/ a WAP built in, provides DHCP for the network   which is hardwired...
  15. tonyandpals

    Want to join a Survivor pool that pays $450k? Cross Posted

    Posted in Fiskful of Dollars, but want to get more eyes on this:   In short, it's $75 an entry. There were 5,900 entries last year.  10 winners split over 40k each.   Soliciting soshers at $25 a head to put towards a batch of entries. Those show join will vote on the picks each week.  We have 4...
  16. tonyandpals

    My walls are open...anything I should consider doing?

    Adding on w/ a Family(TV) room, office (extra bedroom) and master bedroom, partially finished basement.  Just wondering if there is anything else I should consider doing while the walls are open.   I've got the following (very basic items) planned. Was wondering if anyone had some ideas I could...
  17. tonyandpals

    Hosting for phpBB

    My wife runs a mommy board and the performance is horrible.   Current host is Dreamhost.  They have a VPS and use a memory manager tool to adjust on the fly. It still reboots daily and at times is just inaccessible.   Site has 200+  users 1k posts a day (80 or so new topics, skrub loves new...
  18. tonyandpals

    1/7/14 - Boston at Anaheim

    Nice run to start the new year, but this little run west will be a true test.  Ducks have yet to lose in regulation at home. The Kings have dropped just 5 at home while the Sharks have lost just one.   Florek headed west with the big club on an emergency basis as they're unsure about Caron's...
  19. tonyandpals

    1/4/14 - Winnipeg at Boston

    Starting to get healthy, and many decisions will have to be made. That stuff has a way of working itself out.    Thornton filled in on D for Krug who got a day off practice today.  Decision on Krug will be made tomorrow.   One last game at home before they head left to face 3 against the...
  20. tonyandpals

    1/2/14 - Nashville at Boston

    First game thread for me. Figured it was time to take my chance...   What are the chances this one gets canceled? Wasn't it least season where they had a Tampa Bay game pushed back into April?  I can't brave the weather tonight to be in attendance, but I was thinking of grabbing a cheap pair on...