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  1. EdRalphRomero

    Poll: AB or not AB that is the question

    I voted cut him, but that is my selfish position. I can tell this is going to take joy away from rooting for the team. From a more considered perspective, I agree that the process should play out. The victim should be given a presumption of credibility at the same time that AB should be...
  2. EdRalphRomero

    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    O-line certainly feels like the potential weak-spot on the team. Are we sure Karras was making the line calls yesterday? I wasn't in a great spot to watch the game and see. It seems to me that potentially Thuney (assuming he is playing Guard of course) could take that on and let the Center...
  3. EdRalphRomero

    2019 Gronk Watch: Pulling Strings from a Shell

    I took as him joking about his own return
  4. EdRalphRomero

    2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    This move is so obvious that any fool could have predicted this back in February (and actually, I did) View: text: 2019/2020: The Patriots pick up Antonio Brown, win 7th ring, breaking tie with the Steelers. Belichick weeps as...
  5. EdRalphRomero

    2019 Pats: In-Season Roster Discussion

    Can't help but notice a lack of Obi news today.
  6. EdRalphRomero

    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    So still no way to like posts on this new board?
  7. EdRalphRomero

    BROCKHOLT: Actually, not better than a poke in the eye...

    For anyone who missed it, Nunez has already played 2 innings at short this season. He is the current back-up SS.
  8. EdRalphRomero

    BROCKHOLT: Actually, not better than a poke in the eye...

    Lin is on the IL himself (sprained knee, retro to 5/2 I believe) and has not resumed playing yet. I don't think we know the extent of his injury (some noises about it not being bad, but no word about him playing again). With Marco Hernandez not yet ready either, there is not another SS on the...
  9. EdRalphRomero

    BROCKHOLT: Actually, not better than a poke in the eye...

    Eduardo Nunez, back-up shortstop, is not a phrase any of us are comfortable with, I imagine. Brock can't make it back soon enough for that reason alone.
  10. EdRalphRomero

    Price to the DL with left elbow tendinitis

    Also, he has certainly not been terrible. This year he has a slash line of 290/.350/.484 (OPS of .833). Last year he had an OPS of .776 (also at AAA). For a guy who can play all 3 outfield positions, that is pretty good. If it were not for the aforementioned contract limitations, he would...
  11. EdRalphRomero

    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 4-7 Game Thread - Spoilers Welcome

    is that really likely? Seems to me he would get poached. I think this is a competition and likely the end of Allen's time as a Pat. Going out as a Superbowl MVP candidate in my book.
  12. EdRalphRomero

    Would you accept a Last Place Finish as "Payment" for a World Series Championship?

    If the World Series is next year? Absolutely! If the World Series is last year? No, that sucks.
  13. EdRalphRomero

    AUCTION ITEM: Golf at Salem Golf Club, North Salem, NY

    Life has gotten in the way of me being able to bid on this, but I will just say AR is a fantastic host and makes these a great day of golf. If you are in the area and can make it happen, I strongly recommend bidding on this.
  14. EdRalphRomero

    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    Sure we should ignore him, but if it helps the players in any way, use that fuel.
  15. EdRalphRomero

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Ryan "punt it down their throats" Allen.
  16. EdRalphRomero

    Boston Sports Word Association

    1. Game 6 Mets 2. ____ F#$&ing ____ Aaron Boone 3. #24 Manny 4. Most hated rival team Yankees 5. Most hated rival athlete Jeter 6. Most hated rival athlete you also respect(ed) the most Mariano 7. Boston sports moment you'd most like to have back '86 Game 6. try using the starters out of...
  17. EdRalphRomero

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Gronk... I doubted him. I was very wrong. Gilmore Brady.
  18. EdRalphRomero

    The Lineup, 2019 Edition

    Why is he too small? He is 1" shorter than Pearce for example. I mean it would be nice if he was taller but he doesn't have the skills to play middle infield (despite the position he was drafted at) and seems unlikely to displace Rafi. Seems 1b is his best shot.
  19. EdRalphRomero

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    BANG! (Say da da da da da)
  20. EdRalphRomero

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    He's not on the 40 now though right? (Just making sure I am not missing something). At his age and talent profile I worry less about burning his options and more about whether or not he warrants a spot on the 40/can serve as an adequate 3rd string catcher. And I would point out that if we...