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  1. KenTremendous

    Everyone on the Yankees is the Same (OPS-wise)

    Up to the Minute OPSes, Yankee Regulars: Torres: .832 Gregorius: .832 Stanton: .830 Hicks: .833 Andujar is at .851. This is important and deserves its own thread.
  2. KenTremendous

    Andrew Benintendi Can't Hit Middle-Middle

    It's anecdotally been the case for a while now, but the season-long numbers are stark, and bizarre. You want to get Andrew Benintendi out? Throw the ball right down the middle of the plate, thigh-high. Want to essentially guarantee you get him out? Throw a fastball down the middle of the...
  3. KenTremendous

    Rafael Devers Maybe Can't Really Field Baseballs?

    In the 11th inning, he made his 13th error of the year -- 46 games -- allowing the tying run to get to second with two down. They escaped, because this year's team is 80% smoke and mirrors, 10% Sale/Pom, and 10% great OF defense. But 13 errors in 46 games is a 50-error pace. I know errors...
  4. KenTremendous

    Every Single Hitter Is Hitting Worse Than He Did in 2016

    OPS+, 2017 vs. 2016 C Leon -47 1B Ramirez -25 2B Pedroia -10 SS Bogaerts -18 3B Holt -52 LF Benintendi -7 CF Bradley -22 RF Betts -26 4th OF Young -29 That's everyone. The entire team -- all of the guys who played last year -- is down. Many of them are drastically down. Moreland is up slightly...