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  1. TheYellowDart5

    Will John Farrell still be the manager after the season?

    Since the All-Star break, the Red Sox are 2-12, headed for 2-13. The team came into the second half with a small shot at contention and instead fell flat on its face and has looked awful in every facet of the game for the last two weeks.   Obviously, it's not Farrell's fault that his rotation is...
  2. TheYellowDart5

    Heath Hembree called up

    So says Rotoworld.
  3. TheYellowDart5

    Wicked Smart: Celtics select Marcus Smart with No. 6 pick

    Figured someone should start a thread for folks to talk all things Marcus Smart, so fire away.
  4. TheYellowDart5

    Heyman: Ellsbury to sign seven-year deal with Yankees