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  1. j-man

    2022 Broncos at a crossroads

    what will the 2022 broncos look like the team that beat dallas gave kc ciny a game or the team that lay eggs in LA PITT balt philly at home the biggest thing is finding a new owner with the same vision mr b set which will be near impossible num 2 is finding a new coach doug...
  2. j-man

    AFC playoff chase 2021

    this was done here in 2020 and was fun as of right now updated odds 1 Balt 5-1 - when they play from ahead they are tough to beat 99% likely in 2 Buff 4-1 Dymanic off d is underrated 99% in 3 LAC 4-2 bad day aga balt but through 6 weeks the best in the west 75% in 4 Tenn 3-2 they...
  3. j-man

    congts for moving on to ALCS

    i am more of a football guy but thanks for beating tampa not much of a hou fan as well
  4. j-man

    belichick gives a detali anawer on long snappeing

    idk where to put this View:
  5. j-man

    wild card games sch

    NFL Wild Card Playoff 2021 Schedule: Game times & TV channels for 2 days of tripleheaders - Acme Packing Company here the details if u dont want to click SAT INDY @ Buff 1 05 est CBS Rams @ Sea 4 40 est FOX TB @ WFT/NYG 8 15 EST NBC SUN Balt @ Tenn 1 05 ABC/ESPN Chi @ no 4 40...
  6. j-man

    Broncos: New GM New QB?

    i know its early but looking at the 2021 season its a huge year for the franchise if the 2021 season goes like the last 4 Elway might be force out of town even through i think Brittany bowlen would never fire him the good Denver has promised at the skills positions esp at WR RB TE...
  7. j-man

    Hot Stove on the MLB Network

    i been watching this show every morning for 3 years at first they annoyed me but even since i like the soundboard Reynolds is kind of a baseball dinosaur matty v can be hard to take but the soundboard is magic Lauren S is a saint for haveing to deal with matt every day Kelly...
  8. j-man

    ask me your broncos Q i will try to awaser them

    denver is 1-3 on paper they are 1-3 but with everyone healthy they are at least 2-2 QB is most likely ripen Lock is 50-50 but i bet he comes back for miami QB has been up/down overall RB Gordon is growing on me plus we should get Lindsay back and freeman is a fine backup WR...
  9. j-man

    2020 NFL: NFC Power Rankings

    1 rams 2 no 3 gb 4 sea Tier B 5 SF 6 TB 7 DAL 8 ZONA 9 CHI Tier c 10 Wash 11 NYG tier D 12 CAR 13 ATL Tier e 14 DET 15 PHILLY 16 MINN
  10. j-man

    who would win between the

    98 Yankees vs 18 red sox 99 Yankees vs 04 red sox 96 yankees vs 07 red sox 00 yankees vs 13 red sox 01 yankees vs 08 red sox
  11. j-man

    1985-1986 Celtics video

  12. j-man

    2004 red sox tittle run

    View: View: View: View: View:
  13. j-man

    brady picked 199 in 2000
  14. j-man

    why i think they should cancel the season or play a 82 game season

    look everyone safety comes first from what i been reading and watching the earliest people can play safely is June/july and while the NBA/NHL couild wait until July u need 3/4 months to get 82 games in here is how i would sch it u play your Division 76 games useing Boston...
  15. j-man

    i need help rating the pats on madden 20

    in feb i am going to re-rate every team off of this season and i can do your offense well i am going to need help rateing your def to their num 1 level
  16. j-man

    bill b first win as NE head coach
  17. j-man

    i have made a FA roster for the 2019 nfl season

    for madden 19 ps4 only my psn is funtimes72 roster is FA2019 the pats are done ex for re-sign their k 5 teams are done jets billis pats ravens bengnls miami is 95 % done i still have about 116 more players to add for all teams i even have added FB/TE Jakob johnson
  18. j-man

    my 2019 MLB Picks

    AL East 1 NYY 97-65 2 BOS 96-66 3 TB 87-75 4 TOR 79-83 5 BALT 58-104 AL Central 1 Cle 88-74 2 MINN 85-77 3 CWS 73-89 4 DET 70-92 5 KC 62-100 AL WEST 1 HOU 98-64 2 OAK 86-76 3 SEA 81-81 4 LAA 80-82 5 TEX 68-94 NL EAST 1 PHILLY 91-71 2 WASH 89-73 3 ATL 86-76 4 NYM 83-79...
  19. j-man

    i put this up on pats pulpit

    good luck tomm By j-man on Feb 2, 2019, 8:04pm CST 2 2 Edit Entry  TWEET SHARE PIN hello it is hard to get to 1 super bowl much less 9 in 18 years what brady and bill b have done goes beyond words other than cle in the 1950's or gb in the 60's we have not seen this hardly ever in...