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  1. Rudi Fingers

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    The return of MagSafe and improved webcam/microphone are easy predictions that came true.. but they are *my* easy predictions :) The notch fits in the center of the Mac menubar, which is mostly wasted space. It's more than a design bone - it shrinks the bezels and allows for more real-world...
  2. Rudi Fingers

    iPhone 13

    Same for me - arrived today :) @IpswichSox - if you are using your phone with a mask a lot, you can't beat the ability to unlock with an Apple Watch. Even the base Series 3 watch (the $199 one) will do the trick of unlocking your iPhone 12 (or any FaceID phone) while wearing a mask. Extra...
  3. Rudi Fingers

    The Babe in color.

    Both the Phillies and Braves, like many teams at the time, were wearing jersey numbers with the MacAuliffe font (used only by the Red Sox nowadays).
  4. Rudi Fingers

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    He pitched 7 games with the 2008 Red Sox. I saw Big Sexy pitch in person in 2008, but not for Boston. It was opening night for the PawSox.
  5. Rudi Fingers

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    The second time around he actually got to play
  6. Rudi Fingers

    Pats uniform change?

    I have this nagging feeling that the Patriots went all-dark-blue to gain an edge while camouflaging the football during option plays. For instance, you may recall 49ers announcer Tim Ryan pointing out - and getting suspended for pointing out in an insensitive manner - the success Lamar...
  7. Rudi Fingers

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    The universal "watch next" feature of Apple TV is underrated and great. The universal "watch next" gathers the next episode (or the current episode if paused partway through) of everything I am watching on Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Peacock all in one place. If I subscribed to...
  8. Rudi Fingers

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    A quality clear case from a place like Tech21, or Apple itself, lets you live a little and *not* ditch the case
  9. Rudi Fingers

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    Microsoft Surface devices (including Surface Laptops and Surface Pros) have excellent magnetic connections on par with the old MagSafe, with the additional ability to charge with a USB-C charger if you happen to be around one. It wouldn't surprise me if future MacBooks will have the same...
  10. Rudi Fingers

    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    If, by some miracle, the Sox are still playing on October 11, I won't care *what* uniforms they are wearing.
  11. Rudi Fingers

    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    To me, the issue is more with the opportunity cost. I loved the tradition of wearing the special "Boston front" uniforms, first made in haste after the Marathon bombings, on Patriots' Day. The "Our Fucking City" uniforms. .
  12. Rudi Fingers

    Mouse Recommendations for Mac?

    Setting up three-finger drag and drop on the Mac, under Accessibility settings, is super helpful for me, personally. I highly recommend it - it will work if your Mac built in trackpad supports "Force Touch" - most Mac trackpads do. I drag and drop things without issue on my MacBook using it -...
  13. Rudi Fingers

    Brian Johnson released

    Agreed - my last memory of Brian Johnson was him getting thunderstruck for 3 runs in the first against the Phillies last August
  14. Rudi Fingers

    MacBook Pro 2020

    As a user of a 2019 MacBook Pro with touchbar - the touchbar isn't very helpful, but it's occasionally useful. The model I'm recommending has it anyway. As you pointed out, If you are going Pro, make sure to go for a 2020 version because the keyboard is much more reliable. The $1299 (less any...
  15. Rudi Fingers

    Macbook Pro Keyboard Issue

    The fact that *none* of your keys (the letter keys, other than shift, command, etc.) work makes it unlikely that it's one of those "single key stuck because of the bad design of the Mac butterfly keyboard" issues. I'm thinking it may be configuration based, and a reset of the NVRAM and PRAM...
  16. Rudi Fingers

    Patriots New Uniforms

    Looks like the number font has been changed as well - notice there is no bottom portion at all to the number 1, and how the bottom piece of the number 2 is wider than before.
  17. Rudi Fingers

    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 4 at Bills

    Koufax said: 538's ELO system has KC at #1, and did last week as well. The gap widened this week although their scores are still very close. I'll Roethlisberger the ELO joke, @BaseballJones
  18. Rudi Fingers

    2019 Raiders: Khalil Mack Has No Comment

    4 It must have been *torture* for AB to perform in “The Masked Singer” last fall with his vision cut off
  19. Rudi Fingers

    The Ringer

    The Ringer's July 10th story of David Berman {Silver Jews, Purple Mountains) was already awesome and heartbreaking... and even more so now that he has now passed away at age 52...
  20. Rudi Fingers

    Can we talk? Giving up the Landline phone

    Also, buy a good quality UPS (uninterruptible power supply - from a company like APC or CyberPower), and plug your cable modem / wifi router into it. There are sometimes power outages that don't affect the cable signal, and you can maintain phone (and internet) connectivity during these outages...