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  1. bosockboy

    Happy John Henry Day

    Co-sign on all this. Changed our lives immeasurably. View:
  2. bosockboy

    Dunn+Edwards to Memphis

  3. bosockboy

    Thompson to Atlanta for Dunn+Fernando and 2023 2nd

  4. bosockboy

    Houck up

  5. bosockboy

    NBA expansion likely

    Thought this was worthy of a thread. View:
  6. bosockboy

    Ed Armbrister passes

    Thought this was thread-worthy due to his involvement in one of the more infamous plays in Red Sox history.
  7. bosockboy

    Happy 87th Bill!

    What a treasure. View:
  8. bosockboy

    Happy Truck Day

    Here it is. View:
  9. bosockboy

    Best Non-HOF NFL Players

    Good Super Bowl Sunday time killer. Best dozen players not in the HOF, excluding recent retirees who will likely get in soon. (Boselli, Holt, Seymour, etc)... Here are my 12: Cliff Branch Stanley Morgan Ken Anderson Ken Riley Roger Craig Joe Jacoby Jim Marshall Tommy Nobis Sam Mills...
  10. bosockboy

    Phil Niekro dead at 81
  11. bosockboy

    Bob Gibson passes at 84

    Brock and Gibson within a month.
  12. bosockboy

    What is this team missing?

    Bench sniper, bench interior enforcer. DA napping the trade deadline yet again really cost them. What else?
  13. bosockboy

    Lou Brock passes at 81
  14. bosockboy

    NHL suspending season

  15. bosockboy

    NBA to scale back the projected 2020-2021 salary cap increase

    Revenue down. Morey tweet cost the league up to 200 million. Will have impact on trade deadline moves. View:
  16. bosockboy

    Sox re-sign Moreland

  17. bosockboy

    15 Years

    Happy October 17. 15 freaking years. View: View:
  18. bosockboy

    DD fired

  19. bosockboy

    USA Today Greatest College Football Player Ever Bracket

    Fun exercise.
  20. bosockboy

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Good place to start this. Sox scouted Matthew Boyd tonight in Detroit.