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  1. bgo544

    iPad buying advice

    I've never owned an iPad, but am thinking of getting one for my wife for Christmas. She wants a tablet that she can use to run the peleton app while she uses our non-peleton exercise bike, and something for Face-timing family, who all have iPads/IPhones. Ideally one of the larger-screen versions...
  2. bgo544

    Blocking open WiFi networks?

    I have various parental controls and time limits set up through our home wireless router. However, since COVID, I have noticed there is an open xfinity hotspot in our immediate area that requires no login credentials. This basically allows the 13-year-old to circumvent the time and content...
  3. bgo544

    Two-step authentication

    I'm having trouble with the 2 step authentication. I set it up about a month ago, but now it is not working, none of the codes given by the authenticator app work.