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  1. Freddy Linn

    The Premier Lacrosse League - bringing innovation to American sport

    Thought I would break the Premier Lacrosse League into a separate thread, and at the same time focus on one particularly interesting aspect of the league. For background, the PLL is a six-team touring league of professional lacrosse players in its first year, competing concurrently with an...
  2. Freddy Linn

    2016 NCAA Lacrosse

    If you are any kind of sports fan, find highlights of today's ESPNU doubleheader of Syracuse-Hopkins and Virginia-Notre Dame. Tons of parity this year. Denver looks pretty good, Notre Dame is tough, and the Ivies are on a comeback.
  3. Freddy Linn

    Laptop with dual monitor setup

    Please help me out, I know just enough to be dangerous. In the past I have had an old desktop from the office connected to two monitors with combinations of DVI cables and adapters. The machine has crapped out and I want to hook the two monitors to a Toshiba (Protoge something or other)...
  4. Freddy Linn

    Week 9 Game Thread

    RZ pick for Brees on a deflection.
  5. Freddy Linn

    Joe Buck to anchor Fox golf coverage

    Beginning with the '15 US Open    
  6. Freddy Linn

    2014 Masters Pool

    Rules: 1. Pick according to the below groupings. 2. Scoring is aggregate in relation to par. 3. Best 5 scores count, bottom 3 dropped. 4. If you don't have 5 of 8 make the cut, you are out. This isn't necessarily easy but should provide some mockery and shame. 5. Tiebreaker #1 - pick the...
  7. Freddy Linn

    2014 PGA Tour

    Figured it is time for a new thread.  Winners so far in the wraparound schedule are Jimmy Walker, Webb Simpson, Ryan Moore, Dustin Johnson, Chris Kirk, and Harris English.   Seventh event of the year, Kapalua, kicks off Friday, small field of 30.  Get ready for the 450-yard drives.