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  1. chilidawg

    Pats offense: Ongoing discussion

    The receiver grades are interesting. They I mirror what I've seen watching, but I just watch a few games and then highlights. Agholor consistently gets more snaps than Bourne though, so coaches must see something there. Maybe just his speed is valuable as a threat?
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    Pats defense: Ongoing discussion

    Like most advanced stats I think the most useful way to use them is not to make conclusions from them (Judon is overrated, Hightower rocks!) but to question your own thinking, i.e. maybe JJW is better than we thought, might want to pay more attention there.
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    12-3-21 @Utah

    Jazz have won 6 of 8, with both losses by 1 point and all the wins by healthy margins. They're the #1 offense and #6 defense. Should be easy pickins'.
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    12-1-21: 76ers visit the Gahden

    Just watched the 4th Q. Two things stood out, ball movement was non existent, and they defended their asses off. Jaylen Brown deserves kudos for defending Embiid, who he got switched onto several times. His physical strength allows him to bang with as big a load as there is in the league...
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    Analysis of Celtics Games, '21-'22 Season

    Schroder did score the previous 4 points, so maybe that wasn't the worst outcome.
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    Analysis of Celtics Games, '21-'22 Season

    Karalis Locked on Celtics today was bullish on Smart's play the last 4 games. I was half listening, but he had a bunch of potential assist/passes made type stats to illustrate his point. If Ime can get the buy in offensively that he's gotten defensively the next month could be fun.
  7. chilidawg

    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    Totally agree with the bolded. This team is in a tough place, needing to string together wins to stay in the playoff race, but also having guys like Nesmith and Pritchard who you'd like to develop. Right now those guys are like 11/12 on on the depth chart, so in competitive games they're just...
  8. chilidawg

    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    If Grant's not playing the 5, there's just not enough 2/3/4 minutes to go around to do that. Grant and Romeo are playing pretty well, let's keep them in the regular rotation. Nesmith isn't, and needs to earn it in practice or in the G League.
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    2021-2022 NBA Game Thread!

    Ehh, it's kind of nice that his teammates cared more than he did. Up 15 with a minute to go why not?
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    So the guy who came to this country because of his criticism of his own thinks we should shut up here? The ability to speak freely is a big part of what makes this country great Enes.
  11. chilidawg

    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    Video at 11.
  12. chilidawg

    Shams: Celtics "engaged in conversations" with 76ers for Ben Simmons

    Shooting would be a good skill to have too.
  13. chilidawg

    2021-2022 NBA Game Thread!

    Cleveland with Mobley, Markkanen and Allen all back is a different beast. Putting the hurt on Dallas on the road.
  14. chilidawg

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Here's another take on players getting used to Ime's system, from Adam Taylor at Celtics Blog: So, with 20 games of the season now in the history books, three things have become apparent: Defense was easier to sell to this unit, and they have adopted their new coach's methods quickly and...
  15. chilidawg

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Listening to Karalis on his Locked on Celtics podcast. His takeaway from the Toronto game (paraphrasing): Whenever the Celtics do what they did last year, things go poorly (SA game). When they do what Ime wants them too, they go well (Toronto game).
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    SHOWDOWN ON MNF: Pats vs. Bills pregame thread

    1-0 on the 4 game crux stretch. Not hard to imagine 3-1.
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    It's almost like Ime decided to keep going with what was working. WTF?
  18. chilidawg

    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    Took him 11 years to do it again, clearly slipping.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 12 vs Titans

    3 up: JCJ Bourne (playmaker!) Folk (ties Pats season record for 50 yarders, didn't see that coming) 1 down: Tackling.
  20. chilidawg

    11/28 - Titans at Patriots: Oh the Humanity!

    Belichick able to induce opposing coaches into this. I've seen it before.