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  1. BringBackMo

    Poll: How long will the MLB lockout last?

    If there's one thing that looks like a near certainty it's that there will be a baseball lockout or strike. The CBA has expired and both sides look dug in. Here's a bit of a recap from the off-season thread where we've been discussing the issue. So how long do you think this stoppage (if we have...
  2. BringBackMo

    Poll: O Romeo, Romeo…You and Me Babe, How ‘Bout It?

    His name is Romeo Langford and he is among the most polarizing athletes on SOSH at the moment. He’s more than a subject to debate, he is an obsession. His name and perceived shortcomings eventually find their way into every Celtics thread. To some of us, he is not just oft-injured, indecisive...