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  1. kelpapa

    More Flowers For Patricia

    Patriots trade 7th round pick to Bengals for Marquis Flowers.
  2. kelpapa

    Bulging Disk

    I built a computer about five years ago with the help of this sub. I installed a 128 GB SSD and a 3 TB HDD. The goal was to run the operating system off the SSD and save stuff on the HDD. After a few years, the 128 GB SSD was full, even though we were saving the majority of our stuff on the HDD...
  3. kelpapa

    Baseball Reference Search Question

    Every time I try to search baseball reference, it brings back strictly 2016 players. I can't get any player's pages that aren't in 2016, and I can't see their stats outside of 2016. This just started this morning, and it happens in both Chrome and Firefox. I cleared my cache/cookies, and still...
  4. kelpapa

    Customizing your desktop, OS or browser

    This post got me thinking:     How do you customize your desktop, OS or browsers? What tools, apps or extensions are you using?   I'm playing around with Classic Shell and I downloaded Rainmeter to customize my desktop. For extensions, I have an oil/gas price and addblocker. I added powerbot...