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  1. Dropkick Izzy

    Bruins at Leafs

    Just the tip
  2. Dropkick Izzy

    10/22 Bruins @ Sabres

    WTF am I paying a small fortune to my local cable provider for if this game isn’t on the TV?!?
  3. Dropkick Izzy

    2021-22 Bs Ticket Thread

    My tix are available for tonight’s home opener. 323, Row 7 on the aisle. $128 for the pair. PM me if interested.
  4. Dropkick Izzy

    Tennis 2021

    Did they let his poodles in the country?
  5. Dropkick Izzy

    Tennis 2021

  6. Dropkick Izzy

    Olympic Swimming

    Why wasn’t King swimming this?
  7. Dropkick Izzy

    NHL Expansion Draft (July 21)

    He’s also Ronnie Franchise’s Uber driver!
  8. Dropkick Izzy

    6/9–Bruins at Islanders Game 6–Not Done Yet

    Learn to skate, fuck face
  9. Dropkick Izzy

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    Nah, America loves Leo Komarov No, you’re right. The highlight reel was completely detached from the commentary, which was actually supportive of the missed / inconsistent calls. Fucking maddening.
  10. Dropkick Izzy

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    Next goal wins. LFG.
  11. Dropkick Izzy

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

  12. Dropkick Izzy

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    brutal make up. ref ball!
  13. Dropkick Izzy

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    Nice PK drop pass at the blue line