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  1. Foxy42

    "Neumie" has passed away

    Weymouth’s own! He spoke at my graduation and was known in town as a class act. RIP
  2. Foxy42

    Bruins v. Stars

    What a blast it was at the garden. B’s carried play more than the scoreboard said…
  3. Foxy42

    Bruins v. Stars

    First in person sporting event since covid struck. Can’t wait. Go B’s! Top 5 power play this season with McAvoy as the qb… it’s on.
  4. Foxy42

    McAvoy - 8 years, $9.5 million per year extension.

    Love it. Need to have a number 1 D and he could have gotten more on the open market. So what’s Pasta going to get?
  5. Foxy42

    2021-22 Bs Ticket Thread

    I have a pair in section 322, Row 1. About 15 games still available.
  6. Foxy42

    NFL: Week 5 game thread

    Incredibly dumb by the chargers. I’m now rooting hard for the browns to pull out the W.
  7. Foxy42

    10/8 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 2.

    But he rode the bus in the minors!
  8. Foxy42

    10/3 - Patriots vs. Buccaneers: TB12 Returns

    Chicken shit not to go for it. I’m disgusted.
  9. Foxy42

    Bruins Schedule Thread

    Heads up that I posted a bunch of games of tickets in the ticket thread. First row balcony at full season ticket holder discount. less than a month to go!
  10. Foxy42

    9/12/21 Squish the Fish

    What a gut punch.
  11. Foxy42

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Fully agree. I get to life advice and stop so I can save them up and then have an hour or two of life advice when I’m working in the yard. Ryen reading his 2008, ‘to do’ list recently was gold.
  12. Foxy42

    CFB 2021 Week 1

    My god. Always a tough reminder that these are just kids when a player messes up as clearly as the ND TE just did.
  13. Foxy42

    Jackie Mac--retiring from ESPN on 8/31

    She’s going to be showing up on The Ringer podcast network and her and Simmons have already mentioned grabbing Doris Burke and Bob Ryan for future 3 way pods. Also, they keep referencing a special project that she’s been working on w The Ringer. She’s great w Simmons.
  14. Foxy42

    The Ringer

    Woz was referencing Jack-O (John O’Connell), and it seemed good natured, but awkwardly delivered. Fully agree on RR putting in the work. I may be more disappointed to lose his podcast than Bill’s, were one of them to suddenly discontinue.
  15. Foxy42

    Krejci heading back to Czech Republic

    Damn this stings. This feels like cup contenders to it being a real stretch. Was really hoping for one more year, inspired by Hall.
  16. Foxy42

    Bruins Schedule Thread

    If anyone wants to buy a block of games, let me know. Face value (full season ticket plan holder price, so much cheaper than box office), 1st row balcony section section 322. Time to load up the spreadsheet and take a look at the home game slate.
  17. Foxy42

    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Taken down. Was it anything big?
  18. Foxy42

    Travel team questions

    Just got the draft practice schedule for my kids club and town hockey teams. They 100% overlap unless he makes town A team (probably a 50/50 proposition). I won’t be telling him this pre tryouts (9/1). If he doesn’t make A, then he has to tell the town team he can not make any of the practices...
  19. Foxy42

    Travel team questions

    This is helpful, ‘Travel Team’ is a very generic term these days (as is ‘Club Team’). My take would be that the time commitment is light relative to what I see for lots of other teams / club sports. One extra practice a week and a 20 mins more of a drive to get to the field on Sunday. My...