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    OBJ signs with LA Rams. Wait, maybe the Packers... no it is the Rams.

    $7.25 million. The restructure voided the final 2 years of the deal, helping the Browns avoid a ~$13 million dead cap hit, but kept this year's salary intact.
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    The Goat Returns: Pats vs. Bucs Buildup

    Live on the radio right now, voice sounds terrible.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    Shooting 23-51 (.451) from deep so far, with a chance at a 40/50/90 postseason. Good excuse to post this all time great draft interview, Coby White knew... View:
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    So if Kemba is "good", whats that Make Evan?

    He has played 278 minutes with the team, over the rest of the season, IF they stay aggressive with his minutes, he'll add ~200+ MP to that. Sixty minutes sounds like nothing but absolutely has value to me in that context, that's 15% of what his total playing time with the team will be. And...
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    So if Kemba is "good", whats that Make Evan?

    There are 2 weeks and 7 games left in the regular season. Fournier has only played 10 games with the team. How is it weak sauce to suggest that maybe they're doing this to maximize his reps with the team before the playoffs? From both a chemistry standpoint, and a pure conditioning one. This...
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    I agree with your overall assessment of Simmons's skills but he is also a weird player himself. Aside from the total lack of a jumper, he has shown almost no statistical progression during his 3 years in the league. While 16.5-8-8 is obviously very impressive, it is strange to see how...
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Will be interesting to see how many players they include and if they stick to just BIG names. It's a shooting game so probably Steph's to lose ultimately but we know Marcus is well-versed in all kinds of trick shots and surely there are others like him.
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    I think they're trying to figure out what to do in the ever likely scenario that it may be a long while before we get to that point. With what's going on, the logistics of getting an All-Star cast together to play safely in an exhibition seems a lot easier than restarting the cross country...
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    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    I forget where I heard it, I think in Jaylen's new interview segment with Taylor Rooks. He spoke about his struggles and anxiety last year, then went into detail about the China trip and how much it helped develop this year's chemistry. He specifically noted how positive of an influence on...
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    How good was Kobe Bryant?

    I should clarify I'm mostly referring to his image amongst his peers. His schtick as a commentator is over the top and terrible. But his contemporaries laud him as one of the sport's greatest leaders and he has a reputation for reaching out to and mentoring young players in the league today.
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    How good was Kobe Bryant?

    I think you capture the arguments about where he lands in terms of player rankings and his game's strengths and flaws. I think a large part of the gushing reaction is how his personality has become so public and how active he has been in his short retirement. Every player of the last 2...
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    Apologies for the blown up screenshot, but this is the bench reaction to that dunk. He basically fakes the jam on the left side then pumps it over to almost a reverse on the right. Just absurd athleticism and hang time.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    I've seen you make this point before. I'm curious, could some of that possibly be a real effect of Kanter's gravity on the offensive end? It's noise that may never be sorted out, but theoretically the threat of Kanter's post game and offensive rebounding would draw defenders to the paint...
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    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    I'm not sure if it is applied with 100% consistency, but they've been handing out that fine if it's done "recklessly" since at least the start of last year, liability issue with fans I'm assuming. I know Kyrie, Hield, Iguodala, and Beverley have all been hit with it.
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    Cavs Sign Tacko Fall

    How embarrassingly patronizing for Tacko...
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    Putting the C in 'Arsen

    I don't think any of us are really thinking too much about 2023 when we discuss Carsen Edwards, his current skillset, and his potential upside. Maybe let his rookie year play out before thinking too hard about his second contract? Also, did anyone actually predict Edwards would shoot 40% on 10...
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    Putting the C in 'Arsen

    I think you might be misinterpreting our excitement a little. I'm one of Carsen's biggest supporters but I'm not sure I ever considered him a better overall player than Waters given what they've each shown, even before the season started. He's had a rough start to the year but at college and...
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    Jaylen Brown re-signs for 4 years/$115 million

    I wasn't able to catch the game but I'm expecting Jaylen to take on more and more defensive responsibility against teams with size like Philly. He had a dud game offensively but also led the team with 41 minutes. The roster is lacking in strength and he has it this year, just from the box score...
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    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    Not to mention a fairly contested look compared to most of his 3s this season, probably as much surprised he even pulled the trigger there.
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    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    27 pts, 10 assists, 9 rebounds, 3 steals in LA to hand the Lakers their third loss of the season. 30.6p/9.9r/9.6a on the year. He's 32nd in the league with a .562 eFG%, despite the fact that he's taking 9.5 3PA/g at a lowly .325 clip... The kid is nothing short of unbelievable, he already...