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  1. NomarsFool

    Kemba reportedly a Knick

    Sources: Kemba Walker to join New York Knicks after guard, Oklahoma City Thunder agree to buyout How does this impact OKC's cap situation? Is NY going to send them any talent compensation for this?
  2. NomarsFool

    Predict Celtics Record Over the Final 10 (sic) games

    So, I wanted to post this thread before last night. But, oh-well. 4/28 Home vs. Hornets (WIN) 4/30 Home vs. Spurs (WIN) 5/2 Home vs. Blazers (LOSS) 5/5 Away vs. Magic (WIN) 5/7 Away vs. Bulls (LOSS) 5/9 Home vs. Heat (LOSS) 5/11 Home vs. Heat (LOSS) 5/12 Away vs. Cavaliers (LOSS) 5/15 Away vs...
  3. NomarsFool

    Daniel Theis to Chicago for Mo Wagner

    2018 Pre-Draft Scouting Report "Wagner's obvious draw is his solid jump shot for a near 7-footer. He made 63 threes in 39 games and shot over 39 percent from that range for the second consecutive season. Wagner made 24 pick-and-pop jumpers, though he was even more efficient when rolling to the...
  4. NomarsFool

    Fournier to Celtics for 2 second round picks

    Per Woj He's making $17 million this season, so I assume he slides right into the TPE and the Celtics are still under the apron
  5. NomarsFool

    Trade Deadline Poll: Which lane will Danny choose?

    So, time for Danny to pick a lane.
  6. NomarsFool

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    Blake Griffin bought out and signs with the Nets. I guess Durant is still a very excellent defensive player, but with Griffin on the floor with all the other guys - will the Nets win like 180-160?
  7. NomarsFool

    The Athletic: Poll on hypothetical, proposed trade for John Collins

    Here's the Athletic's idea on a proposed deal: Celtics get: John Collins Atlanta gets: Payton Pritchard, Carsten Edwards, 1st round pick (unprotected) 2021, 1st round pick (unprotected) 2023, "Vanishing first" in 2025 which means top 25 protected, becomes 2 2nd rounders if it does not convey
  8. NomarsFool

    Might we have a Semi-charmed kind of life?

    Obviously it was one game. Certainly with a boost from that career game, his 3P% is now up to 38%, which is pretty darn good from what you'd expect from a 3&D guy. I would also add that Semi's offensive game other than 3PT shooting has been less useless this season than it has been earlier in...
  9. NomarsFool

    Celtics COVID situation

    What is going on with this? Are they playing tomorrow night? With what players?
  10. NomarsFool

    Following the 2020 NBA Draft Class

    Of course the pre-season is meaningless, and we should never evaluate players based on a couple of games. With that - here's the analysis! SB Nation: The 9 best NBA rookies in the preseason, ranked 9. Theo Maledon, G, Thunder (Pick #34) 8. Deni Avdija, F, Wizards (Pick #9) 7. Tyrese Maxey, G...
  11. NomarsFool

    G-whiz, no Red Claws this season

    So, the Celtics and their G-league affiliate have decided not to participate in (at least the first half) of the G-league bubble. Given that 2 ways can be active for 50 (of the 72 games), and the anticipation of more load management games, Covid protocols, and the like - it isn't too surprising...
  12. NomarsFool

    Remaining free agents - any interest in rounding out the bench?

    Assuming these guys could be had for minimum contracts, they would seem to be more useful than Javonte Green. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - 6'6" wing who plays excellent defense and a number of other things, but a terrible long distance shooter. Sort of the anti-Nesmith. Could compete with Semi...
  13. NomarsFool

    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    The Celtics have one calendar year to use their TPE, what should they do? Some notable 2021 free agents (some of these may also become available mid year if their teams are out of it) Does Danny finally get Justice Winslow? :) Chris Paul PHX PG 36 15 PO $39,932,648 LeBron James LAL SF 36...
  14. NomarsFool

    2021 Draft: Tank for Trevor - Can NE do it?

    Biggest challenges remaining on the schedule: 11/19 vs. 0-7 Jets 11/22 vs. 1-6 Texans 12/6 vs. 2-5 Chargers 1/3 vs. 0-7 Jets The rest of the schedule looks pretty manageable from a loss perspective :)
  15. NomarsFool

    Tax Payer MLE Options

    Last season's TPMLE was $5.7 million (I assume some level below that this off-season - but I don't know when we'll know). That is the C's only real option (aside from trades) to bring in a useful bench/veteran for next season. So, what are their options?
  16. NomarsFool

    What does the 2020-2021 Season Look like?

    Cross posting from the GH thread. I think they almost have to look at a shorter season. The season is going to start at least a few months later than usual, and I don't think they want to have the playoffs be going to much deeper into the summer than normal. I don't know the right number, but...
  17. NomarsFool

    Will he stay or will he go now? Kanter opt-in or out thread

    My $0.02: I think Kanter enjoyed his time on this team, but I think he also sees the writing on the wall. I believe his role next season will be even less than it was this year, which leaves him with little opportunity for a decent contract after next season. His best financial move is to go to...
  18. NomarsFool

    2020 Celtics Scrimmage Thread

    It was fun to watch Celtics basketball again. I thought the overall presentation of the game was great, and I didn't think it felt odd at all. I was a little surprised they didn't do more with different camera angles - as now they have no fans, they could have cameras everywhere without...
  19. NomarsFool

    Mookie Betts 2020 FA Watch

    Putting aside the question of whether it makes sense to invest $400 million in any one player, this thread is dedicated to reading the tea leaves on where Mookie will sign as a free agent towards the end of this year. In analyzing the Sox' ~$300 million offer to Mookie Betts, I see three...