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  1. amlothi

    What NBA rules would you change?

    Give defenders the right to occupy a space, even if they aren't totally stationary. If a defender beats you to the spot, they have every right to be there. Player with the ball can't step/jump into them. No swinging the ball through a defender to draw a foul.
  2. amlothi

    10/11 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 4.

    Not sure I agree with this. Putting a runner on first gives you a double play option. KH one of the hottest hitters, if not the hottest, in the playoffs. Devers not full strength. Glad they didn't do it. Happy with the result!
  3. amlothi

    10/11 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 4.

    Two questions about the 9th. 1) Why didn't Cora pinch run for Vasquez as soon as he got on? You have Plawecki still available. Put pressure on the defense with speed on first. 2) Why in the world did the Rays pitch to KH there? Once first base was open, you have to put him on and try for a...
  4. amlothi

    Marwin Gonzalez DFA'd, Kyle Schwarber called up

    Great. Now he'll throw a no hitter tonight.
  5. amlothi

    NBA all-time 5-15

    Starting 5 Curry Jordan Bird Lebron Russell
  6. amlothi

    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    Amazon Netflix (free, Tmobile) (free, T mobile) Disney+ (free, Verizon) Antenna for local stations No cable or landline, so we essentially just pay for internet, Amazon, and electricity.
  7. amlothi

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    $39.99/mo 300/300 Fios no contract
  8. amlothi

    Database advice

  9. amlothi

    Help me haggle with my cable provider

    Cancel and sign up under another name (spouse, roommate, etc.) to get new customer deals. Rinse and repeat. We've done this repeatedly without issue. Usually just a quick phone call when the service is cut and they connect the new account. Works best if you buy your own equipment and don't rent it.
  10. amlothi

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.1 vs Phins

    Refs gave him an extra one
  11. amlothi

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I have an extra from T Mobile that I will give away in exchange for a $50 donation to the Jimmy Fund. Message me if interested.
  12. amlothi

    2020 WC Weekend Game Thread

    Should have fair caught it and tried a free kick. Why not?
  13. amlothi

    SOLVED Help installing SSD to new laptop

    Solved. In case anyone finds this thread, I had to piece together the solution from several sources. Crucial® MX500 SSD advanced features "Hardware-based encryption: Keep personal files and confidential data restricted from hackers and thieves with AES 256-bit encryption that meets all...
  14. amlothi

    SOLVED Help installing SSD to new laptop

    I'm stumped and could use some help. I have a brand new LG Gram laptop (15Z980-U.AAS5U1). I'm trying to install a Crucial MX500 1TB SSD. Per Crucial's website and LG support it should be compatible. One of the reasons I bought this laptop is because it is upgradeable and has a free slot to add...
  15. amlothi

    Game 4 - Bruins @ Blues

    Stupid question. Why don't players wear full shield all the time?
  16. amlothi

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Yes, it was working fine for weeks. After 2 hours on the phone with MLB and T mobile they said my account had a glitch where the email address was overwritten by a random string of numbers and letters. They had to find it by phone number and then restored it. They said it happens occasionally...
  17. amlothi

    Let's Talk About MLBTV somehow lost my account. They say it doesn't exist. Anyone else had this problem?
  18. amlothi

    PSA: MBTA changing Yawkey Station name to Landsdowne

    Too bad they didn't go with David Ortiz station. Based on naming for nearby roads of course.
  19. amlothi

    Let's Talk About MLBTV