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  1. Marciano490

    MLB secretly used 2 different types of baseballs last season

    Sorry, I couldn’t tell from the thread title - is this Major League Baseball that’s based in North America, or a different league? Please add detail.
  2. Marciano490

    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    Man, we’re all just flimsy sacks of bone and flesh. You could have all the money in the world and crazy genetics and still stay broken for life because of one bad moment.
  3. Marciano490

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 12 vs Titans

    I mean, if I cared what randos thought on Twitter I’d go on Twitter....
  4. Marciano490

    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Anyone see the Lopez fight?
  5. Marciano490

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Guessing that dude really liked the Copa scene in Goodfellas. Very impressive.
  6. Marciano490

    Rays Offseason 2021-2022

    Lovely diamond Cartier watch, nice to see he’s enjoying his new financial flexibility.
  7. Marciano490

    HOF Class of 2022

    I didn’t realize Borges had a job still, much less a position of influence. Wasn’t he busted for plagiarism (maybe multiple times)? I hated that dude, even if he was the only one still writing about boxing.
  8. Marciano490

    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    True, but almost everyone in their professional circle are multimillionaires with fancy cars and houses spending tons of cash on dinners and such, so it’s also a keeping up with the Joneses thing.
  9. Marciano490

    NFL: News and transactions

    That reminds me - thanks for coming to buy that gun with me. I’m sure you got the Hallmark card saying the same, but I wanted to publicly shout you out too.
  10. Marciano490

    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Wasn’t Cobb actually not a bad guy, and what did Ruth do besides smoke and drink? I don’t know how to touch the rest without being political, but I’d dispute Curt has done anything with dignity since retiring.
  11. Marciano490

    NFL: News and transactions

    Dalvin Cook must be pleased.
  12. Marciano490

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Isn’t the more important long term question whether ‘01 Brady had a stronger arm than Mac? Haven’t seen old footage in awhile, but I don’t think he had more zip on the ball his first few years in the league than Mac.
  13. Marciano490

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    All this injury pain porn is uncomfortable and Steve Levy is the worst announcer in history.
  14. Marciano490

    USFL to return in spring 2022

    @Leather don’t think we’ll be breaking out the Boogie Nights clip for these ones.
  15. Marciano490

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    Pretty impressive on a 1-yard play. CEH’s taunting explosiveness is off the charts!
  16. Marciano490

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    Not to pick on you or anyone, but haven’t the last few weeks kinda shown everyone maybe predictions aren’t gonna work out this year? A month ago, we and KC sucked and were dead, the Bills and Bucs and Rams were invincible. Nobody knows nothing.
  17. Marciano490

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    tHe pAtRioTs wOulD hAVe ThE sAmE rEcORd wiTh cAm.
  18. Marciano490

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    Don’t even need dildos on the field!
  19. Marciano490

    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    What happened? You think Porter took a dive or his father took money to throw the towel?
  20. Marciano490

    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    Every time I want to like LeBron for his overall abilities and political activism on a lot of important issues he shits all over himself. You know who doesn’t get to choose what they do with their precious “energy”? Slave laborers and people in concentration camp. What a dumb, dumb statement. At...