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  1. GeorgeCostanza

    Muggsy Bogues ESPN write up

    After I stopped growing at about age 12 or so, I was usually the smallest guy on the court, so I always had love for Muggsy. This write up by ESPN about him and his brother is just absolutely wonderful. Not ashamed to admit it got a little dusty in the room reading it. It also reminded me that...
  2. GeorgeCostanza

    2016 49ers: Kaep and Trade?

    ESPN reporting Baalke says Kaepernick will be on the roster. My thread title is dogshit. Someone please come up with something better.
  3. GeorgeCostanza

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Explosive Documentary Links Peyton Manning, Major Athletes To Doping Ring
  4. GeorgeCostanza

    RIP John "Hot Rod" Williams He was part of some good Cavs teams with Price and Daugherty. They took out the Celts in the playoffs in Bird's final season of memory serves.
  5. GeorgeCostanza

    NFL Week 11 game thread

    Titans v Jags to kick it off. Who's pumped for this game?!?!
  6. GeorgeCostanza

    LeBron done with McDonald's, invested in a Cosmo Kramer idea A pizza place where you make your own pie!
  7. GeorgeCostanza

    RIP Roy Tarpley

    50 years old