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  1. fieldslikebuckner

    Jerry Remy Has Passed Away

    So, I’ve been thinking about Jerry and his impact. On me, specifically. I’m in my 50s, so getting older. For the last 25+ years I’d go to sleep listening to Jerry and whomever his partner was, though mostly Don. It was very comforting to hear a familiar voice as I went to sleep. Prior to that...
  2. fieldslikebuckner

    NFL: Week 3 Game Thread

    I don’t think the 506sports map is correct for Connecticut either as the Fox affiliate has the Giants listed.
  3. fieldslikebuckner

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    I have family in Stratford (Fairfield County) and they don't get the Hartford CBS affiliate on their cable system, instead the CBS affiliate out of New York. The next town further north, Milford (New Haven County), gets CBS-Hartford.
  4. fieldslikebuckner

    Pats-Dolphins Week 1 Pre-Game Discussion/News/Analysis

    My daughter went back to grad school this semester. She celebrated by ordering Sunday Ticket for her dad.
  5. fieldslikebuckner

    Pats Draft Poll

    I still believe Jimmy G. will be the QB next year, so no reason to spend a lot of draft ammo to move up. And while not a choice in the poll, but if one of the top-5 QBs slide to 15, I could see that being the pick. Otherwise, I like the idea of moving down to later in the first while also...
  6. fieldslikebuckner

    Pats QB Options

    I'm going to take a contrarian view. I still believe Jimmy G is the target, with a Mills or Monds or one of the second tier quarterbacks drafted and seasoned for a couple years with the hope they succeed Jimmy G down the road. This team is built to win now. And the offense is built for power...
  7. fieldslikebuckner

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.1 vs Phins

    The OL - plenty of room to run and Cam had time to throw. Wino - already mentioned. Izzo and Onwenu. They each helped in the short-yardage game.
  8. fieldslikebuckner

    What do the Pats do at 23?

    Just an FYI regarding 2021 picks, the Patriots are already sitting on 12, including three projected comp picks.
  9. fieldslikebuckner

    Bruins at Rangers

    Sitting with fam in bar across from Garden. Many Bruins fans in attendance.Goi B’s.
  10. fieldslikebuckner

    Cavs Sign Tacko Fall

    New Haven had a USBL team at the time and a couple of us went to the old New Haven Coliseum to see the Rhode Island team just for the spectacle. Bol played college ball at the University of Bridgeport so there was media hype about his return. I remember we were disappointed that Spud Webb didn't...
  11. fieldslikebuckner

    RIP Bill Buckner

    The ovation he received when he returned in 1990 was really special. I know that ground ball will live in infamy, but the man played hard and played hurt and deserves to be remembered as the tough, good ball player he was for the Red Sox.
  12. fieldslikebuckner

    Thank you, Malcolm Mitchell

    He spoke at my wife's elementary school last spring. He told the students the inspiring story about his life growing up and then read his book aloud to the school. We got to meet him afterward as he signed copies of the book and he came across as a generally great guy and role-model. Too bad his...
  13. fieldslikebuckner

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 16 vs Buffalo

    Thought the DL played well. Buffalo had no running game and they contained Allen well so GB. Edit: or what j44thor said first.
  14. fieldslikebuckner

    5/6/18 - @TBL - Worry about the 60 minutes

    I think you're looking for the Red Sox game thread.
  15. fieldslikebuckner

    2018 Patriots Roster

    Bolden was cut 9/2 and re-signed 9/4 according to
  16. fieldslikebuckner

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    I'm really hoping the late first round, early second round picks are traded back to pick up more draft capital in rounds 2-4. With all the team needs that have been highlighted, including future starting QB, the extra picks are more valuable, I think. The team has a history of drafting...
  17. fieldslikebuckner

    Should MLB Have an Amnesty Clause?

    I’d think the players union would be in favor of this for that exact reason. If Red Sox could shed a $20 million albatross contract, now they’re putting that money back into the free agent market, driving up contract prices. Big win for the players.
  18. fieldslikebuckner

    Free Agency Game Thread

    Not worried about Dola at all. The Dolphins will cut him mid-season when the realize he's isn't an every down player. He'll re-sign with the Patriots to fill the inevitable holes caused by attrition, and make several clutch playoff catches as the Pats go to the Super Bowl. Again.
  19. fieldslikebuckner

    2017 Patriots Roster Move News ONLY

    I know we have a thread for a projected 53-man roster but I thought I'd start a catch-all thread for the flurry of moves coming in the next couple days. Mods, if you think this is redundant please delete.
  20. fieldslikebuckner

    Patriots 53-man Roster Projections

    Pretty bold prediction by Redoctober to leave Brisett off the 53-man roster, but I don't think it's that far-fetched. If Brissett hasn't made the second-year jump Belichick talks about, he may just view him as a sunk cost and move on. As for guys like Freeney and Grissom and Fleming, they seem...