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  1. kolbitr

    GOAT - position by position

    LT is not really in question, is he? I wouldn't want to live with an All-NFL team that left out Lawrence Taylor.
  2. kolbitr

    Gronk announces his retirement

    This is exactly what I am feeling...Gronk was such a huge "fun" presence, he made living with robots easier...BB and TB12 always seem machine-like, and even players whom I loved, like Bruschi, and Rodney, and Randy, and Wes, and Willie...they never had truly accessible and oversized...
  3. kolbitr

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Thank you for the Polaris link. I was ignorant of this, and now will learn more. Danke.
  4. kolbitr

    Bob Hohler runs ad on Brady's charity endeavors

    This is specious journalism at best. I don't know how Hohler sleeps at night. But this isn't a huge surprise from Joe Sullivan. Is there some unfortunate accounting and are there some unpleasant unrealities associated with a multimillion dollar charity? Yeah. Is this ever more proof that Tom...
  5. kolbitr

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    It should not be forgotten that Klosterman wrote the eerie and tragically prescient article just before the 08 Super Bowl...on how Brady was the perfect quarterback leading the perfect team to the perfect season in the midst of living a perfect life...and therefore it was fitting, nay mandatory...
  6. kolbitr

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    I have a phd, and teach at a university outside of new England with dozens of similar folk who have a much less-nuanced take than that one. Sports tends to make people, even smart, rational people, stupid. So your friend deserves some kudos for a reasonable take. I still think he's wrong about...
  7. kolbitr

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    It's more complicated than that, though. Volin first cited DeSarno's email on twitter, within the same hour that he lamented receiving dozens and dozens of lengthy emails from "Harvard PhDs" attacking the Wells Report and supporting AEI. He presents those emails as basically tedious and...
  8. kolbitr

    2015 Steelers: A New D in Defense

    I am surprised that James Harrison has been mentioned as an HOFer....I am traveling and can't do the analysis, but he struck me as having a very brief albeit memorable peak, but not I completely misremembering his accomplishments?
  9. kolbitr

    Player behaviour: at what point would you rather a good player wasn't on your chosen team?

      This is a good point (as expected)...I have talked at length about the filmic excellence of Knife in the Water and Repulsion without dealing with Polanski's issues, and although I've ever taught Woody, I have written about Bananas, at least, without ever feeling the need to apologize...
  10. kolbitr

    So. Many. Diamonds.

    Did exactly that. Thank you, BC, for this gift. Great to watch...
  11. kolbitr

    2017 Gronk: Mojo Gronk

    Yeah...I'm pretty sure Marciano just wanted to make a sperm joke...please let's not ruin good things, comrades!
  12. kolbitr

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      This isn't how I interpreted Stich, and I think that's uncharitable. Stich is a gambler...and given the very bold proclamations, indignations, and declinations by Brady, BB, and Kraft, he is willing to bet that there has been no untoward wrongdoing on their part: "usque tandem abutere...
  13. kolbitr

    The Nation's Tears: Pink Stripes

    This Onion piece is also worth a least if you're familiar with matters Cthulhoid
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    Curran is being foolish. Kacsmar is one of the most transparent spinmeisters going, and has been for years. He would give any propagandist fom the annals of history a run for the title of Archon of Damned Lies and Statistics. His rants on KFFL went through at least two banned personas of...
  15. kolbitr

    The Sports Fanatacism Is Fundamentally Dumb Except For When I Do it Game Thread

    As an aside, Doug Kyed said that a fan handed the shirt to Blount during the parade, and Blount held it up at that time. Not premeditated.
  16. kolbitr

    The Greatest of All Time

      Dude...! San Franciscans are apoplectic at the thought...
  17. kolbitr

    The Greatest of All Time

      Yeah, that whole thing is painful to watch. I had recently moved back to the east coast after spending four years in San Francisco, had really enjoyed watching those mid-90s teams, and hated seeing Rice go down like that on a cheap shot (and on a trick play to boot!)...
  18. kolbitr

    The Greatest of All Time

      While I don't disagree with you on Montana's greatness, having to leave out the pre-1989 years, when Montana had some poor performances, does skew the numbers a bit.
  19. kolbitr

    The Greatest of All Time

      I remember that game...if I recall correctly Sapp grabbed his facemask on the play and spun him down, tearing the ACL. Young was also concussed in that game, allowing Jim Druckenmiller to start the next week against the Rams. The SI cover after that first game was (I think) Young getting...
  20. kolbitr

    BbtL Super Bowl XLIX Thread

      I mostly agree...what would be awesome is if people stopped imagining things regarding legacies. If the Seahawks win again this year, that is terrific for them and for their fans...if the Patriots lose, it will become a complaint about what happened in 2012 and 2008 (and opposed to 05, 04, and...