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  1. opes

    MLB umpire Brian O'Nora arrested in sex sting operation

    Yea I think someone is now permanently unemployed by the MLB. "Fourteen men were arrested during a single-day human trafficking operation that targeted individuals seeking to buy sex via the internet, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and Liberty Township Police Chief Toby Meloro announced today...
  2. opes

    What will be Cora's punishment from the commissioner?

    As Cora was fired today, we have discussed possible reasons to why the Sox did so preemptively. But what are likely possibilities for his punishment from the commissioner? I think its safe to assume he will be punished somehow and not escape the executioners axe. Similar to Hinch? Outright...
  3. opes

    Red Sox groundskeeper and his PTSD service dog

    I just heard about this today. Thought I'd share.
  4. opes

    I wish to know more about Tom Yawkey

    I've only read a few articles about him, but either article refers to him as a bigot, or the savior of the franchise.
  5. opes

    Is Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez a HOF candidate?

    In the similar vein on the main board regarding Ortiz, does Arod's numbers get him in regardless of this steroid use? His numbers are obviously ridiculous, but will he ever get in?