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  1. Shelterdog

    Any swim parent on deck?

    I've got a 7 year old girl who just joined a competitive swim team in the NYC area and I'm curious if people have thoughts/tips/advice on how to be a supportive parent (and how to get through the apparently interminable meets).
  2. Shelterdog

    The Sam is dead, long live the Sam: new starting LB Elandon Roberts

    Collins is gone--and apparently Elandon Roberts is first in line to replace his snaps. What has everyone seen? Any thoughts on whether he can survive in passing siutations? Any thoughts on whether this guy can actually play? Is he a Zach Thomas (small, fast, productive player drafted late and...
  3. Shelterdog

    Hogan's Heroes? Stanford 2015

    So, um, kind of a weird start to the season.   They couldn't have played worse against Northwestern, nor better against USC.   I was hoping to call this thread For Chryst's Sake but is it possible Hogan is going to be a well above average NCAA QB for an entire season?
  4. Shelterdog

    Googefest: The 2015 Patriots O-Line Thread

    It looks like it's actually going to be a pretty interesting year for the o-line with some new blood coming in and Connolly retiring.   According to a tweet the starters today were Solder-Mason-Stork-Jackson-Cannon (apparently Vollmer and Wendell were limited),   Any thoughts on this? Could...
  5. Shelterdog

    Pats cut Scrub DE Buchanan, Scrub WR Dorsey

    SUCK IT CORSI   Dorsey is no surprise, I don't think Buchanan was making the roster but he must have fucked something up to get cut this early.
  6. Shelterdog

    Difference Makers

    So I've been thinking about the term "difference maker" a lot lately--in particular media guys like saying the Pats need more "difference makers" and that's what we need find in freea gency--and lo and behold someone with the good taste to love the Pixies drops this gem:     I think I speak for...
  7. Shelterdog

    The Tebow Zone

    So discussion of our third string quarterback doesn't pollute other threads, I thought it made some sense to have a Tebow-centric thread.   After watching the first game, I remain convinced that:   1.) Tebow isn't going to be an effective drop back passer for years if ever 2.) Tebow can do some...