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  1. Danny_Darwin

    JD and the opt out

    Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about whether or not it benefits the team or not. But I do think this will be one of the more significant stories hanging over the Red Sox between now and November, and, since it came up in the "Down on the Farm" thread, and it's been a slow news week, I...
  2. Danny_Darwin

    Murray... Present (in the NFL)

    So I don't really follow football that closely, but I have been watching the Kyler Murray situation a little bit - short version, which, surely someone else can fill in the details if they find this inadequate: the A's drafted him, he then played the college football season and was awesome...
  3. Danny_Darwin

    The 2019 Rotation

    (Another more specific offseason thread - again, if people think this is redundant, feel free to delete.) There are fewer questions about the starting rotation than there are about the bullpen. Assuming health and barring a surprise trade, the top four are set: Sale, Price, Porcello, and...
  4. Danny_Darwin

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    (I know there's already an omnibus offseason thread, but I figured this will be a big topic for discussion - feel free to delete/merge if it is deemed redundant) Judging from what I've heard and seen here and elsewhere so far, the consensus seems to be that Kimbrel will get a qualifying offer...
  5. Danny_Darwin

    Ichiro "transitioning to front office role"

    Thought this merited its own thread instead of getting lost in the omnibus "MLB News" one.
  6. Danny_Darwin

    The bench thread

    Since the Martinez and Nuñez threads are getting cluttered with speculation on who the odd men out will be, I figured I'd start a new thread for discussion of precisely that. If you'd asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have assumed that the Sox had a mostly-set bench: Holt, because of his...
  7. Danny_Darwin

    2018 HoF Ballot

    No thread yet? Newcomers to the ballot: Chris Carpenter Johnny Damon Livan Hernandez Orlando Hudson Aubrey Huff Andruw Jones Chipper Jones Jason Isringhausen Carlos Lee Brad Lidge Hideki Matsui Kevin Millwood Jamie Moyer Scott Rolen Johan Santana Jim Thome Omar Vizquel Kerry Wood Carlos...
  8. Danny_Darwin

    The "Replacing Ortiz" thread

    Seems there is some interest in discussing the plan for replacing Ortiz. I don't have a lot of time now for detail on the different options - which are, basically, sign a free agent like Bautista, trade for someone like Braun, or mostly stand pat. I will update later, but if someone wants to get...
  9. Danny_Darwin

    Tanking and MLB

    Apparently some owners seem to think tanking is a problem, citing the drastic rebuilding efforts by Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia - and the turnarounds in recent years by Houston and the Cubs - as being somehow bad for the sport. Tony Clark, president of MLBPA, suggested a lottery as a...
  10. Danny_Darwin

    2016 Payroll

    Possibly a bit premature for this discussion, but spurred on by Buster Olney's speculation that the Red Sox might try to move Rusney to free up payroll - as well as the discussion of selling and buying that will invariably crop up in July - I decided to take a look at the payroll for next year...
  11. Danny_Darwin

    Pre-Deadline Trade Rumor Thread

    Is it too early? Probably, but teams are already reported to be in discussions, so what the heck.   Rosenthal: Phillies talking to Cubs, Blue Jays about Papelbon.   Aramis Ramirez to Mets?   Neither deal looks imminent, but interesting that we're already hearing about stuff like this at this...
  12. Danny_Darwin

    Max Power

    Jon Lester has a thread. James Shields has a thread. Cole Hamels has a thread. Even Brandon McCarthy has a thread. Why none for Scherzer?  With the report today from Michael Silverman that the Red Sox will pursue him more aggressively should they miss out on Lester, I figured the time was here...
  13. Danny_Darwin

    Coaching staff discussion

    I've seen this come up a few times now, and I figured it was worth longer discussion. The sentiment in various posts I've seen is that this particular coaching staff, whatever their positive points may be, may not be the best group for the specific purpose of helping the younger guys transition...
  14. Danny_Darwin

    Carp's Return and Roster Fallout   They're running out of 1Bmen. So, Nava back up? More Brock Holt! at first? Hassan or Cecchini gets a longer-than-expected stay? Bring up Travis Shaw way sooner than expected?
  15. Danny_Darwin

    A thread for Jake Peavy

    First-time thread starter, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I am somewhat surprised by the general lack of discussion about Peavy. His 2014 has been... not great. Specifically, prior to this season, one of Peavy's calling cards was his ability to limit walks. Since his first full...