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    Stanley Cup Predictions

    Bruins in 5. Bergeron, Chara, Krejci, and Marchand are all time great Bruins. Rask awarded Conn Smythe.
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    41 Ks to 1 BB over 21 IP in Sale’s last three outings. As evidenced by the K’s alone, he has been dominant and fun to watch. As for the contract, let’s enjoy his pitching for now.
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    2018 Patriots: All-Purpose Roster Discussions Thread

    So no matter what, that's both DTR spots now. Assuming Duke Dawson makes it back to game shape, that supplements the loss of Rowe in the secondary. Burkhead is needed for obvious reasons, particularly to keep White alive.
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    Great At-Bats, v2

    Pedroia against Gagne too.
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    He played one snap on ST. It's not like he was on the field all evening (if the defense forced at least one more punt, not only would we have seen if Butler was on the punt return unit only, we may have a different perspective today anyway).
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    2017 General NFL Transactions and News

    Not specifically to Hillel, but given the (apparent) specifics related to cut for failing to disclose a condition, would the contract be voided, rendering him a free agent not subject to being claimed?
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    Are you Happy with the Jimmy Garoppolo Trade?

    While this has to be true technically, you could look at Favre retiring and playing again as an example. Likewise with Cutler this season and, to a lesser extent, Roethlisberger. I am not sure it fits the narrative given the age and rationale, but Vick could work as well.
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    Patriots Sign Stephon Gilmore

    Agreed, but in the trade scenario they are losing/using the pick anyway.
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    Patriots Sign Stephon Gilmore

    In this scenario, would NO and NE be able to collude to some extent where NO makes an offer to Butler, NE matches it and then they trade. I am not sure why they (i.e, NO) would not just sign Butler and lose the pick, then on a separate but parallel track, flip Cooks for #32?
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    2017 Patriots FA & Trades Thread

    With regards to the Butler tender, it does not mean the Patriots are done exploring a longer term deal, but I do wonder why they leak the tender first. Is this posturing at all? <edit>The WBZ (brief) story...
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    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    To add to this, does Bledsoe's (perhaps) limited time running the Weis-Belichick offense make it easier to trade within the division - particularly in light of the above?
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    Bart Scott: The Latest Tom Jackson or Onto to Something?

    Belichick values the right (as defined by him) players and there is clear evidence supporting that point. The Patriots extended Ninkovich in the offseason and altered his bonus structure such that he would (well, could) make the same amount of money in 12 games as he would have in 16 games (PFT...
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    Draft Contest: Your Top 3 Draft Predictions

    Patriots take an ACL-injured running back on Day 3, writers ask some hybrid of "did we learn nothing by cutting Easley?" and "he's just like Dion Lewis!" Broncos and Browns swap first round spots --------------------------- Eagles trade back in Draft Day (movie) fashion.
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    No Altidore tactical formation change?

    Dempsey was gassed by game's end, but he had trouble breathing because of the broken nose and not, presumably, due to his conditioning.
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    Could Mookie Betts have an impact on 2014 Red Sox?

      I would suggest Fangraphs, which shows the Red Sox OF OPS as 30th at .615.