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  1. EvilEmpire

    8/9 - Happ at Reid-Foley

    Mr. Happ, Please bear with me, I understand the letter writing bit is getting old, but a streak is a streak and we all do what we must. You’ve got no easy task in front of you. Toronto’s offense looks great lately and I’m not sure your teammates are up to launching bombs every single night...
  2. EvilEmpire

    8/8 - German at Pannone

    Domingo, Just a short note to say thanks for everything you've done this season. I think you were maybe the first "next man up" right out of spring training and it really set the tone for the season. We know your teammates appreciate it and we do too. Keep up the good work (I love being...
  3. EvilEmpire

    8/7 - Paxton at Means

    Dear James, You are quite the conundrum wrapped in an enigma. You have loads of talent, but the results have been inconsistent. Certainly health plays a role, but still. Here's the deal: we want to love you, but we need more. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but it is hard not to...
  4. EvilEmpire

    8/6 - Holder at Wojciechowski

    Dear Gio Mike T, We are big fans of yours. The superb defense was expected, but the timely hitting and overall offensive output has been a really nice surprise. Well, a surprise for most of us. Not much surprises Abbey. Anyway, we hope you are feeling better after getting dinged a couple of...
  5. EvilEmpire

    8/5 - Tanaka at Ynoa

    Dear Gio, We are big fans of yours. The superb defense was expected, but the timely hitting and overall offensive output has been a really nice surprise. Well, a surprise for most of us. Not much surprises Abbey. Anyway, we hope you are feeling better after getting dinged a couple of times...
  6. EvilEmpire

    8/4 - Publius Decius Mus at Pyrrhus

    Dear Team, Play hard. Don't get hurt. Win. Earnestly, EE
  7. EvilEmpire

    8/3 - Johnson at Green (Game 2)

    Mr. Hicks, Ever since your heroics in that last Minnesota game, you've been scuffling a little bit. One hit in 19 at bats with seven strikeouts. We all know you can do better. I'm going to make the assumption that you'll be playing in game 2 tonight, so here's the deal: the Red Sox are...
  8. EvilEmpire

    8/3 - Sale at German

    Dear DJ, I've been calling some guys out lately, but not you. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you've done so far. We're big fans of your work around here, both in the batter's box and in the field. We may come from different fields, but our group of professionals recognizes and...
  9. EvilEmpire

    8/2 - Rodriguez at Paxton

    Aaron, I think we're going to have to get past the issue of umpires being unable to call a strike zone appropriate for a giant among men. Just trust what you see and stay within the zone. Don't worry about what you can't control. All of that is a polite way to say that the team can't...
  10. EvilEmpire

    7/31 - Greinke at Tanaka

    Dear Mr. Tanaka, The team we both love is struggling a little bit and the injuries continue to mount. Your teammates need some help. You've a been a good player during your time with the Yankees and one I've enjoyed rooting for. I think you understand that much is expected every time you...
  11. EvilEmpire

    7/21 - Marquez at Paxton

    The Rockies are struggling. Finish them.
  12. EvilEmpire

    7/20 - Senzatela at Tanaka

    Quick facts for today's game: Day game Senzatela sucks Tanaka is good Rockies have a lot of lefty bats It will be hot as balls Quick speculation for today's game: Short porch is going to see some action Dahl will probably play, and will rake A young player on the Yankees will do good things...
  13. EvilEmpire

    7/19 - Rockies at the F%@#*ing Savages

    Aaron Boone had a bit of a 'moment' yesterday. We all saw it, and it was glorious. It will probably get over-hyped quickly enough, but I'm happy to enjoy it for a little bit. Genuine passion on the playing field, in any sport, is awesome. Taking the mound will be two left-handers: Kyle...
  14. EvilEmpire

    7/18 - Morton at TBD: Doubleheader Game 2

    A split is now secure. Three of four would be a lot better. Let's see what Morton's got today.
  15. EvilEmpire

    7/18 - Chirinos at German: Tired of Tampa

    Much respect to the Rays, but man am I tired of seeing them. They've got a scrappy squad and most games are a dogfight. The overall results against them are good at 10-5, but it is almost always a challenge. While I'm a little weary of them, I do like to see what new young player that...
  16. EvilEmpire

    6/14: CC vs. Giolito

    CC makes another attempt to win his 250th, but it won't be easy. Lucas Giolito will be going for his 10th victory of the season, and to say he's been on a roll would be an understatement. While it is nice to see young players start to reach their potential, let's hope Giolito has to wait for...
  17. EvilEmpire

    6/2: Price at Sabathia

    I may not like David Price, but I think some Yankees do. More of this please:
  18. EvilEmpire

    6/1: Porcello at German

    I'm not sure what to expect for this game. Porcello has generally been solid this year and often goes deep into games, which is a rarity these days. If I remember correctly, he had a complete game against the Yankees once. Doesn't mean anything now of course, but I think there is a good...
  19. EvilEmpire

    5/31: Sale at Happ

    It is hard to win a four game series. Maybe a little bit harder when for the first game Chris Sale is pitching, Sox bats have started to come alive, and the Yankees send a guy to the mound with a penchant for giving up the long ball. Doesn't look good. But of course lots of things haven't...
  20. EvilEmpire

    5/29: Paddack at Paxton

    Could be a fun one today. Paddack and Paxton are both pretty good, though Paxton should be limited in his pitch count. I think we'll find out pretty early if Paxton is fully recovered or not. The Padres have some power but aren't especially good at getting on base. If Paxton is on, there...