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  1. uilnslcoap

    Tonight, Tonight

    Nice inning.
  2. uilnslcoap

    Tonight, Tonight

    It's amusing that "Progressive" Field is the home of the Cleveland "Indians".
  3. uilnslcoap

    8/9 Calling All Angels, Can We Get 2 in a Row?

    They're still in this race, but they gotta hit the afterburners to stay in it. If it goes as it has, this would be the first "meh" season since...2010? 2010--3rd place, weird injury year, wish they'd kept Beltre, 89-73 2011--Horrible disastrous September to end mostly good season, 90-72...
  4. uilnslcoap

    Is the problem Dana LeVangie? Dombrowski's vision?

    I thought this post by lexrageorge in the Dombrowski poll thread was really good, and perhaps a counterargument to the idea that DD has traded away the farm in his aim for a title.
  5. uilnslcoap

    8/7 - Because Someone Has To

    Man those 3 wins at Fenway against NYY were the ultimate cocktease. No, wait, I'm thinking of the 2004 ALCS (like always).
  6. uilnslcoap

    Is Dave Dombrowski back with the Sox in 2020?

    Much obliged for this breakdown. Seems like a good counterargument to "He guts the farm!"
  7. uilnslcoap

    7/27 at home, against the MFY

    My problem with the surrender rule is that you eliminate the possibility of truly epic, late game comebacks (if both teams desire and accept in your scenario). Those weird ones where a team is down 7 or 8 in the 9th and still pulls it off or ties in the 9th and wins in extras or is down 12 in...
  8. uilnslcoap

    7/27 at home, against the MFY

    Goddamn, but these last three days have been fun. Finish the fight!
  9. uilnslcoap

    7/26 at home, against the MFY

    Light them the fuck up, Devers! Wooooooo!
  10. uilnslcoap

    7/26 at home, against the MFY

  11. uilnslcoap

    7/26 at home, against the MFY

    Fuck yeah. Way to not let it spiral.
  12. uilnslcoap

    7/25 at home. against the MFY

    Yes! This is so sweet. Bash their fucking brains in.
  13. uilnslcoap

    7/22 Monday at the Pimple

    Stick the overturned call up your ass, TB.
  14. uilnslcoap

    20190718 - TOR

    Didn't lose a game they had no business losing, woo!
  15. uilnslcoap

    20190718 - TOR

    Leon's OPS: .527. Woof. But thanks for the nice Sale outing, Sandy!
  16. uilnslcoap

    20190718 - TOR

    Please don't lose this goddamn game. Sons of Obscure Blue Jays Player are counting on the reverse lock; let logic hold, damn it!
  17. uilnslcoap

    Excerpt From Jerry Remy Book

    Somewhat off-topic, and I enjoy your posts most of the time JMOH, including the majority of your content in this thread, but I feel like conflating male psychosis/violence with female promiscuity is problematic. I mean, I think I get your point that some girls/women were raised in a way that...
  18. uilnslcoap

    Red Sox Acquire Andrew Cashner

    But...a 4th/5th starter that doesn't suck IS bullpen help, right? Taking away innings from the bullpen to lighten the load to make its current members more effective etc. etc.
  19. uilnslcoap

    7/5/2019 - Red Sox invade Motor City

    Shit. Not a bad pitch. Hold em to one!